Paint Your Numbers

11 Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults (Quick Facts)

Have you been seeking a fulfilling and therapeutic artistic activity but wondering whether adult painting by numbers is appropriate? 

Prepare to be pleasantly astonished by its remarkable benefits. 

Painting by numbers has several benefits. It helps you with stress relief, reduces anxiety, develops your creativity, and increases your focus. Moreover, paint by numbers can enhance your memory recall abilities and increase your emotional intelligence.

In this article, we'll elaborate on these paint by numbers benefits for adults and more, and we will see how it can be a rewarding hobby and therapeutic artistic activity. 

Whether you're a stressed-out professional who needs to unwind, a parent seeking a peaceful hobby or escape, or someone ready to explore their artistic side, painting by numbers for adults may be incredibly beneficial.

1. Paint by numbers improves your creativity

Paint by numbers improves your creativity

Painting stimulates your creative thinking because it is an extremely imaginative kind of art. The creative regions of your brain develop when you spend a lot of time in front of your canvas. 

Even though the paint-by-number technique requires you to fill in pre-printed areas of the painting, this still works perfectly. As you add your paints to the picture, you gradually see it emerge from nothingness. 

Spending more time painting and creating art generally promotes critical thinking and allows you artistic freedom.

2. Paint by numbers helps reduce stress and anxiety

Would you believe it if someone told you that art impacts our quality of life, physical and psychological aspects of cognitive function, our mental and physical health and emotional health?

One of the major and immediate mental and emotional health benefits that we obtain from painting is its ability to fight stress. Through painting, we can express our emotions freely and create art at the same time.

Moreover, painting by numbers diverts your attention and restores your brain from routine thoughts.

According to Dr. Fred Luskin's Stanford University research, 90% of a person's thoughts are repetitive, which estimates that people have 60,000 thoughts daily.

But you might experience "the zone" or a "state of flow" when completely absorbed in a creative project.

You can focus your mind during this meditative-like state and momentarily relax and set aside all your concerns.

Leonardo da Vinci observed hundreds of years ago that "Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest."

Making art teaches you to focus on details and become more aware of your surroundings.

It functions like meditation in this sense.

3. Paint by numbers boosts your concentration levels and improves attention

Numbered painting enhances concentration and brain movements because it is a meticulous task that demands rigor. Practically speaking, using the appropriate color, you must paint the pre-drawn canvas in the precise, numbered areas. 

Any mishap would result in damaging your painting. Leaving the brushes unattended or using excessive amounts of paint could result in them drying out, making the painting process more complicated. These elements call for an appropriate level of focus. 

Adult paint-by-numbers allows you to concentrate at a very intense level. 

The more dedicated you are to what you do, the less likely you are to check the time because you are engrossed in the painting activity. You can be proactive when painting by numbers and escape from the stresses of daily life.

4. Paint by numbers improves our fine motor skills

Your motor abilities may advance after painting for a while, which is another significant benefit of painting by numbers. Fine motor abilities are the skills that include the coordination of small muscles, such as those of fingers and joints, frequently in synchronization with the eyes. 

By holding a paintbrush and applying paint within the lines, you are building strength in your fingers, wrists and hand muscles while also improving your dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

You can hone your coordination by concentrating and painting within precise shapes and lines.

5. Paint by numbers develops emotional intelligence

Art therapy for both kids and adults may be a fun and potent tool to improve your self-esteem and emotional intelligence. In fact, the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association reports that art therapy for kids may help foster a sense of individual freedom, improving self confidence, over-expression, feelings, and emotions.

Painting can have a similar effect on adults, as it resembles a journey of self-discovery. As a result, you develop emotional intelligence and better understand your feelings and moods. 

You can create a great sense of harmony and balance between your brain and heart by allowing your emotions to flow while painting.

6. Paint by numbers keeps you active 

Painting by numbers is also a terrific and fun way to keep yourself physically and psychologically busy. Engaging in this exercise requires you to use your hands and fingers to grasp the paintbrush and carefully apply colors within the indicated areas. 

As a result, you stimulate your dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Painting by numbers also stimulates your mind. You develop your cognitive skills by analyzing the canvas's various lines, circles, and numerals. 

Your brain decides where to use each shade by matching numbers to their appropriate colors and actively processing visual information. This mental training can boost your concentration, focus, and problem-solving skills.

7. Paint by numbers boosts your memory recollection skills

Paint by numbers boosts your memory recollection skills

Painting by numbers increases concentration and brain movement. In order to choose the right color for each component of a paint-by-numbers project, you constantly refer back to the reference image or color guide. 

Painting by numbers improves your memory through repetition as you keep in mind the colors and where you used them.

Additionally, finishing a paint-by-numbers piece helps you remember the entire layout and design. You progressively create a mental image of the completed artwork as you work on the painting. 

This visualization and memory retention exercise may benefit your memory recollection skills and capacity to recall specifics and images in other aspects of your life.

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8. Paint by numbers improves tolerance and patience

Precisely filling in each area of a paint-by-number canvas calls for a certain amount of tolerance and patience. The process of finishing a paint-by-numbers artwork can take a while, and you shouldn't rush it.

You learn the lesson of patience and the benefits of perseverance by participating in this activity. As you watch a blank canvas slowly change into a stunning work of art, you feel satisfied and successful. 

Working slowly through the painting's various stages might help you develop self confidence, a greater tolerance for challenges and a willingness to keep going until you succeed in other areas of life.

9. Paint by numbers gives you an optimistic outlook toward life

When you are engaged in meaningful work that you truly enjoy, you feel upbeat and have something to look forward to. Painting allows you to express yourself creatively and create beautiful things. 

You can get customized artwork from pictures you have taken to preserve happy memories. Don't forget to frame your finished artwork. It will be a constant reminder to always look at the brighter side of everyday life!

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10. Paint by numbers helps you meditate

Nowadays, meditation is extremely popular. We could write an entire book about the benefits of meditation for both our mental and physical health. 

But why do we bring up meditation in relation to painting? 

Your body can enter a creative state known as "flow" through slow, silent, and repeated motions. 

In reality, flow is a meditative state in which you are completely absorbed in your work and accomplish it most effectively and creatively possible. 

So, instead of spending hours in the lotus position while attempting to settle your mind, just pick up a brush and some paint and get to work. Without you even realizing it, the process will seize you while you are in a flow state.

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11. Paint by numbers improves your painting skills

Paint by numbers improves your painting skills

Finally, even though you're painting by numbers, you're still honing and improving your skills. It's a guided process, and repeatedly using the same brush movements improves your painting abilities more than you might think. 

After spending time and completing a few canvases, you might even be able to get a few tools and paint some simple designs on your own.

Takeaway: Unleash your inner artist and embrace the benefits of paint by numbers

Did these benefits of paint by numbers persuade you to get started?

Paint by numbers offers a world of benefits, enhancing your well-being and artistic skills. It fosters emotional intelligence, increases creativity, lessens stress and anxiety, and keeps you physically and mentally active. 

Why then wait? 

Let your imagination run wild, relax, turn to painting for solace, and accept the transformative potential of this wonderful creative activity.

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