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23 Unusual Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom (with Pictures)

The best unusual wedding gift for a couple is a custom Paint by Numbers kit that helps them turn a wedding photo into a beautiful painting. It’s also a thoughtful gift that helps them create memories. It’s therapeutic and produces nice home decor. 

Finding the perfect wedding gift for newlyweds is no small feat. True, many couples post a wish list in online wedding registries. This helps you get something that the couples love and wish for. However, when using such registries, you risk buying a wedding gift many others will buy for the couple.

In addition to being adorable, practical, and useful, the perfect wedding gift should also be unusual - something the bride and groom never expected but which will make an impression.

This article lists 23 unusual wedding gifts for brides and grooms.

Every item in the list carries a wow factor that will charm the newlyweds. These gift items will stand out because the couple never thought of them. Importantly, the newlyweds will love them greatly and find them very useful.

1. Personalized wedding family portrait made into paint by number canvas

Personalized wedding family portrait made into paint by number canvas

What could be more special than a beautiful painting of the couple’s wedding picture painted by the newlyweds themselves?

If you’re looking for the best wedding gift on earth, look no further than a personalized wedding family portrait made into Paint by Number canvas.

Paint by Numbers is a painting technique that helps people (including those with zero or little painting knowledge) produce beautiful paintings.

The Paint by Numbers kits come with a canvas having numbered sections corresponding to particular colors. You simply paint each section with the appropriate color. After painting every section, the picture emerges as a painting masterpiece.

A custom Paint-by-Numbers kit from PaintYourNumbers helps newlyweds turn their favorite wedding photograph into a gorgeous painting. It is the perfect wedding gift because it:

  • Helps the newlywed memorialize their special day.
  • Helps the newlywed create beautiful memories together.
  • Has therapeutic advantages.
  • Many Paint by Numbers kits let people paint a generic picture. But a Paint by Numbers custom photo kit lets people turn a picture that means something to them into a beautiful painting. This is one reason the personalized wedding portrait made into Paint by Numbers canvas is a special wedding gift.

    Wedding photos hold special meaning to newlyweds. Thus, gifting newlyweds a Paint by Numbers custom picture kit allows them to turn their favorite wedding picture into a painting masterpiece. The new couple gets to memorialize their special day by creating a beautiful painting of that day to hang around the house.

    Making the painting more special is the fact that the couple creates it with their own hands. The painting process will help them have a good time and bond even better, creating memories that’ll live with them forever.

    Interestingly, Paint by Numbers kits have therapeutic value. Painting by numbers enhances concentration and focus. This makes the painter calmer and more relaxed, relieving stress and releasing pent-up emotions. Thus, after the stress of planning and executing a wedding, nothing could be better than a Paint by Numbers kit to help the newlyweds relieve stress and enjoy their time together.

    Paint Your Numbers is the ultimate hub for personalized Paint by Number kits.

    2. Paint your Numbers gift card

    Paint your Numbers gift card

    One reason a personalized/ custom Paint by Numbers kit is one of the best wedding gifts for brides and grooms is that it lets the new couple turn their favorite picture together into a gorgeous painting.

    To order a custom Paint by Numbers kit as a wedding gift for a bride and groom, you’ll need their picture. The more meaning the picture holds to the new couple, the more special your gift will be.

    You upload the picture to the Paints by Numbers vendor. The vendor uses the picture to create a special numbered canvas, then sends you a Paint by Numbers kit, including the canvas, paints, and brushes.

    But what if you don’t have any pictures of the couple together? Or you don’t know which picture the couple holds dear? This is where a Paint Your Numbers gift card comes in!

    The Paint Your Numbers gift card is a gift card that a person can exchange for a Paint by Numbers custom photo kit from Paint Your Numbers. 

    Thus, the Paint Your Numbers gift card is the perfect way to gift newlyweds a personalized Paint by Numbers wedding portrait if you don’t know the picture they hold dear. Upon receiving the gift card, the newlyweds can choose that special picture they want to memorialize and upload it to Paint Your Numbers for their personalized kit.

    3. “The Most Wonderful Thing” personalized canvas print

    “The Most Wonderful Thing” personalized canvas print

    Another unusual but stunning wedding gift for a bride and groom is the “The most wonderful thing” customizable canvas print.

    At the top, the canvas print is customizable, with the couple’s names separated with a love sign (e.g., John ♡ Jane). The bottom of the print is customizable with a date. Here, you can have the wedding date.

    A picture of the couple graces the center of the print, together with one of the most romantic love quotes ever: “The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.”

    The print memorializes the newlyweds' special day and celebrates their love for one another.

    You can’t go wrong with this canvas print as an unusual wedding gift for a bride and groom. The newlyweds will cherish that you choose to celebrate their love and togetherness, and they’ll receive it with pride and happiness.

    4. Customizable beach sign coastal wall art

    Customizable beach sign coastal wall art

    When looking for a special wedding gift for a bride and groom, you cannot go wrong with personalized wall art. A one-of-a-kind wall art you won’t find anywhere else adds the wow factor, making it an unusual wedding gift that’ll blow the recipients away.

    The customizable beach sign coastal wall decor fits that description. The wall art bears the couple’s names (and their wedding date) on a wooden beach sign.

    With the man and woman’s names nestling their wedding date, the wall art celebrates and memorializes their special date. The beach theme makes the wall decor canvas a cute romantic gift. It will bring a coastal flair into a home, bringing the calm and tranquility of a beach house.

    5. Customizable Rimowa Classic

    Customizable Rimowa Classic

    The bride and groom will jet off on their honeymoon after the wedding and will want to go on vacations down the road. This makes luggage great wedding gift ideas.

    A luggage gift does not have to be expensive. However, you’ll make a big statement with luxurious luggage like a Rimowa Unique from the Classic Collection.

    The Rimowa brand name is synonymous with luxury. The luxurious status of a Rimowa makes it an unusual wedding gift. Rimowa luggage offers a prestige that no other luggage brand gives. The newlyweds will feel special as they trod a Rimowa suitcase on their travels.

    The customizable Rimowa Classic makes the perfect luggage to gift newlyweds, as it allows personalization. You can choose exciting colors for the wheels and handles, matching the couple’s personality. You can also customize the luggage tag with the couple’s initials.

    6. Customized Champagne gift set

    Customized Champagne gift set

    The wedding day has come and gone. But the newlyweds will celebrate for days to come, especially as they head on their honeymoon.

    There’s no better way to celebrate with your loved one than using champagne. This makes a champagne set a great wedding gift for a bride and groom.

    The best champagne gift set for your lovely couple is one that is personalized to carry the couple’s name and special date. This makes the Home Wet Bar personalized champagne gift set a special, unusual wedding gift for your lovely newlyweds.

    The personalized champagne gift set comes with the following:

    • A gift box designed with “Mr & Mrs” and two lines of customizable text. The first line of text can be the couple’s names, while the second can be their wedding date.
    • Two modern champagne flutes, each one customized with a name.
    • A champagne opener and stopper.

    Think about it! What could be more romantic than newlyweds sipping golden bubbly to celebrate their special day and the blissful future ahead? Probably sipping from crystal clear champagne flutes bearing the bride and groom’s names.

    The customized Champagne gift set offers that romantic feel, ensuring that the newlyweds will make the best toast ever.

    7. Globe decanter set

    Globe decanter set

    The globe decanter set consists of a beautiful decanter and a pair of personalized Glencairn glasses. The gift set is beautiful, romantic, and functional.

    The globe decanter features a sleek design. In addition to the beautiful globe design, the decanter features a delicate glass-blown ship that seemingly sails through the whiskey. As the newlyweds pour from the decanter, they can dream about the amazing future travel they will have together.

    The couple will love having this unique and beautiful decanter with their favorite spirits on their dining table or home bar.

    The Glencairn glasses of the decanter gift set enhance the gift's romantic feeling and functionality. The wine glasses can be customized with two initials. Having their initials on their drinking glasses will make the couples feel special, and they will love this.

    Also, the Glencairn glasses are specially designed to create the best possible whiskey-tasting experience. The glasses' unique shape ensures you get the fullest flavor and aroma by smoothing the bite of the liquor to reveal a more subtle flavor and directing the aromas to the nose.

    Thus, the decanter set can make one become a true connoisseur, making it one of the best unique wedding gift ideas for wine lovers.

    8. Customizable marble wine chiller

    Customizable marble wine chiller

    The customizable marble wine chiller is worth looking at if you want a simple and cute wedding gift.

    The wine chiller helps people enjoy chilled wine. The user only needs to place the chiller in the freezer for a few hours, and it will keep a wine bottle chilled throughout dinner.

    This is a thoughtful gift because the newlyweds will celebrate with wine when on their honeymoon and afterward.

    The personalization offered makes these wine chillers excellent unique wedding gifts. The personalization allows the shared last name of the newly married couple to be written across the start letter of the name.

    Seeing their shared last name engraved in marble each time they enjoy a chilled bottle of wine together adds to the romantic feel for the couple.

    9. Personalized doormat

    Personalized doormat

    A simple personalized gift for newlyweds is an adorable outdoor doormat customized with the couple’s last name and special date.

    The customization makes the doormat a great unique wedding gift. Since it uses a shared last name, it announces and celebrates the couple’s union while also memorializing their special date.

    The customizable doormat is a unique wedding gift idea perfect for newlyweds who will welcome guests to their new home. The doormat is intended to be used indoors or in covered outdoor areas.

    10. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Looking for a sophisticated yet meaningful wedding gift for a lovely couple? Consider the iRobot Roomba i3 Cordless Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum.

    The robotic vacuum is a device that married couples will find very useful, especially in the early days of their marriage. In those early days, couples only want to spend quality time together. So, they’ll welcome any help they can get with mundane tasks like cleaning. This is where the robotic vacuum comes in!

    The device automates cleaning. It uses reactive-sensor technology, which makes it work on multiple surface types. It glides effortlessly over hardwood, tiles, and carpets, sucking up dirt and dust. It also sucks up 99% of pet hair and dander allergen.

    To make cleaning easy, users can control the robotic vacuum through the iRobot app or voice-assistant technology like Alexa.

    Thus, the robotic vacuum falls into unique wedding gift ideas that make life easy for married couples. The couple can worry less about cleaning and spend more time together. It could even become the best gift if any of the lovebirds have allergies.

    11. Virgin Experience Gifts Date Night for two

    Virgin Experience Gifts Date Night for two

    Experiential gifts always make excellent unique wedding gift ideas. While everyone else gets the newlyweds material gifts or stuff, you get them a “gift” that allows them to have an unforgettable experience.

    Virgin Experience Gifts allow you to offer your newly wedded lovely couple experiences like adventure, cruises, driving, spa pampering, skydiving, hot air ballooning, and so much more.

    However, one Virgin Experience gift that hits the mark every time is Date Night for two. You simply choose a city nearest to the newlyweds and send them the gift of a fully funded date night. Interestingly, this is not just an eat-out. The newlyweds will have a selection of fun and romantic activities they can choose to do while on the date.

    The Virgin Experience Gifts Date Night for two is a perfect gift for newlyweds because it is romantic and helps them build unforgettable memories together. 

    12. Weekend Getaway gift card

    Weekend Getaway gift card

    Another wonderful unique wedding gift is an escape into nature. That is, provide your favorite couple a fully funded getaway experience from

    A getaway will help a couple create a distance from the relentless demands of schedules and work to experience uninterrupted, free time with themselves and nature. This helps them relax, rejuvenate, and bond better.

    An escape to nature getaway gift card is the perfect wedding gift for an outdoorsy couple.

    13. Personalized Couple name with heart sign

    Personalized Couple name with heart sign

    The WoodByStu Personalized Couple name with heart sign fits every description of a simple, unique wedding gift.

    The simple gift is a rustic wooden sign, which features the couple’s first names (in handmade raised lettering) joined together by a heart sign.

    The backboard is made of premium hardwood, and the sign comes ready to hang. Apart from the personalization with the couple’s first names, each grain and stain varies on each backboard, so each sign is one-of-a-kind. 

    Unique wedding gifts that perform two or more functions earn bonus points, and this cute one does.

    First, it celebrates a couple’s love, announcing to the world that they love each other. It gives romantic vibes, as it reminds everyone that sees it of the beautiful love in the couple’s unique relationship. Secondly, it is an excellent home decor. The rustic wood design adds charm and elegance to any room.

    14. Terrariums


    Terrariums also come up in lists of simple, unique wedding gift ideas. These are transparent glass containers used for growing plants or keeping small land animals (especially reptiles).

    A terrarium is a great gift because it serves two functions. It is practical because it is an excellent case to keep plants or animals. Secondly, it is decorative because it is an excellent home decor piece.

    A perfect terrarium to gift your lovely bride and groom is the Mikono Plant Tabletop Terrarium. It looks very modern and stylish with its round shape and special oblique mouth design.

    It is perfect for keeping an air plant, wedding flowers, sand, and colored pebbles. It is also fine as a candlestick.

    The cute little glass terrarium will stand out and attract attention anywhere it is placed, making it an excellent eye-cathy decorative accent. The newlyweds you gift it will love it, as it’ll make their home look beautiful. 

    15. Coravin Timeless Three+ Wine By Glass System

    Coravin Timeless Three+ Wine By Glass System

    Don’t know what unique wedding gift to settle for? Why not go with one of Oprah’s favorite things of 2022 - the Coravin Timeless Three+ wine-by-glass system?

    The Wine by Glass system is a wine preservation system that lets you pour wine without uncorking the bottle. Coravin Timeless Three+ can preserve your wine for months after pouring yourself a taste.

    With this wine preservation system, one does not need to commit to finishing a bottle of wine after pulling the cork. Newlyweds do not have to waste wine after taking a sip because they can’t finish the full bottle.

    Newlyweds will also find this awesome accessory a practical present when hosting well-wishers after the wedding. This is because it enables them to use the same bottle of wine to serve people at different times.

    16. Customizable First Christmas Ornament

    Customizable First Christmas Ornament

    The customizable first Christmas ornament is another simple wedding present for a bride and groom on this list. 

    It is a ceramic ornament with a simple Christmas theme and the text “Our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.” It is customizable with the couple’s last name and a date.

    This simple wedding gift packs a lot of celebrations into it. First, it memorializes the couple’s union and special date. Secondly, it commemorates the couple’s first Christmas holiday together as husband and wife.

    This second point makes the “Our First Christmas as Mr and Mrs” ornament a good keepsake. When winter rolls around, the couple can always bring it out to remind themselves of their first holiday together. 

    17. Wedding Cheers Custom Etched Wine Bottle

    Wedding Cheers Custom Etched Wine Bottle

    A popular wedding gift for a bride and groom is a congratulatory bottle of wine. To make yours a unique wedding present that stands out from the rest, give the happy couple a custom-etched wine bottle. The Mano’s Wine wedding cheers custom wine bottle is perfect.

    The bottle has an illustration of two clinking champagne flutes and is custom engraved with the couple’s name and special date.

    Thus, it is akin to giving the couple “their own” wine. The couple will feel on top of the world as they pour wine from their own special bottle. It is better than bringing a generic wine bottle from a personalized gift box or pouring wine into personalized wine glasses.

    The bottle holds California cabernet sauvignon 13.5 ABV, dry red, full-bodied wine with a smooth finish. Ordinarily, the wine tastes great. But it’ll taste even better coming out from a bottle that celebrates the couple’s relationship and special date.

    When the wine is gone, the bottle will become a keepsake the couple will treasure forever.

    18. Personalized Wedding Ring Box

    Personalized Wedding Ring Box

    Looking for thoughtful presents that will be useful on the day your favorite pair say “I do” and every day afterward? Consider the CamelliaAndLove personalized ring box.

    The transparent ring holder/ box is made of acrylic and has two powerful magnets that help it open and close with ease.

    CamelliaAndLove offers different customization options. The simplest option laser-engrave the couple’s first names and wedding date on the box’s top. Some options include the couple’s last name, while others add a flowery design.

    The ring holder is useful on the wedding date and after it. It is great for the couple’s ring bearer. The ring bearer can bring the couple’s rings in this cute box that celebrates the couple instead of using a generic non-descript box.

    The transparent design of the box helps the couple elevate the charm. You can add fillers like red roses. As the ring bearer produces the box, it’ll show the couple’s symbol of eternal love nestled in a sea of red roses. Romantic!

    After the wedding, the couple can use the ring holder to keep their rings safe and sound. Removing wedding rings during some activities (bathing, swimming, working out, doing housework, etc.) is advisable. The CamelliaAndLove ring box holds rings when users take them off.

    19. KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

    KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

    Of course, the bride and groom will not be snapping pictures on their big day. However, a lifetime of adventures begins immediately after the wedding, starting with the honeymoon.

    As they go on these adventures, they’ll want to capture the special moments (and share the pictures with friends and families or decorate with them). This is where the KODAK Printomatic digital instant print camera comes in.

    As the name suggests, the KODAK Printomatic digital instant print camera allows one to print photos as soon as they take them. The camera speed even allows a user to snap another picture while one is printing.

    The camera uses Zink (zero-ink) photo paper, so users do not have to worry about messy ink cartridges. It prints high-quality, smudge-proof, and water-resistant pictures. Its compact design means it can be taken anywhere.

    The couple will love this camera as it gives them beautiful pictures on the go. They can simply point, snap, and print. The photos are adhesive-backed, meaning one can use them to decorate, just as you would with a sticker.

    20. Just Married Scented Candles

    Just Married Scented Candles

    Scented candles are excellent wedding gifts, especially when shopping for a couple that already has everything. Know that unlike many material gifts (like bath towels, wine bottles, etc.), a couple can never have too many scented candles.

    To make your gift more adorable, make it unique by going for options that carry the marriage theme. This is where the Just Married scented candles from Homesick come in.

    The Just Married scented candle has the calming notes of salty ocean air, fresh linens, and a crisp glass of champagne. The sweet and relaxing scent will waft in the background, making any post-wedding special occasion more romantic. Add this to the sentimental “Just Married” packaging, and the Homesick scented candles make excellent wedding gifts. 

    Homesick allows you to make it a really unique wedding gift by personalizing the jar. You can add up to 130 characters for a small extra fee. This could be the names of the bride and groom, their wedding date, or a congratulatory message.

    21. Do One Thing Every Day Together Journal

    Do One Thing Every Day Together Journal

    The Do One Thing Every Day Together Journal fits into unusual wedding gifts that help couples strengthen their bonds. 

    The journal provides a creative outlet for couples to spend time together, reflect, and connect. It provides daily prompts and a variety of questions with spaces to jot down a short response. Some of these address the relationship or suggest writing something about each other.

    Overall, the journal is a fun and inspiring way to keep communication going and connect on a deeper level.

    22. Date Night Cookbook

    Date Night Cookbook

    Some of the best unusual wedding gift ideas are those that enable newlyweds to create memories together. A “date night in” ticks that box. This is where this Date Night Cookbook by Rebecca Warbis comes in.

    A date night in helps couples create memories because it is filled with fun, flirting, and cooking. The Date Night Cookbook is the perfect companion for date night in. It will inspire newlyweds to prepare meals at home and add romance to their table.

    Couples will learn how to prepare interesting and delicious recipes like Couple’s Kebabs, sweethearts’ Caramel Pears, Tipsy Orange Salad, and more. The book also provides themes for setting up romantic endeavors, backed with stunning photos.

    Away from date nights, the cookbook includes ideas that add flavor to couples’ love (breakfast in bed, picnic lunches, afternoon tea, etc.). 

    23. Digital Luggage Scale

    Digital Luggage Scale

    Another item that falls into the category of simple but highly practical unusual wedding gifts is the Etekcity digital luggage scale. This is particularly so for couples that travel frequently.

    Couples will have to travel to freshen their relationship. It starts with the honeymoon after the wedding and continues in the form of vacations.

    The small device lets traveling couples measure and know their luggage weight. So they’ll not need to worry about paying additional luggage fees at the airport.

    This digital luggage scale uses a high-quality LCD and displays weight readings in kg or lb. It also provides climate temperature readings, allowing users to know the temperature wherever they are.

    Takeaway: Wow your favorite couple with unusual wedding gift ideas like a custom Paint by Numbers art

    When the wedding season comes around, what unforgettable wedding gifts do you buy for your favorite couples? Make a better impression with unusual wedding gifts that the couples may not have thought of but which they’ll come to love and find very useful.

    You can’t go wrong with any of the 23 unusual wedding gift ideas above. However, our top picks are the personalized wedding portrait Paint by Numbers canvas and the Paint Your Numbers gift card. 

    These gifts help the newlyweds turn their favorite wedding photo into a gorgeous painting, thereby memorializing their special day. Painting by number is a fun activity that helps couples bond and create wonderful memories together. The process is also therapeutic, enhancing focus and relieving stress and anxiety. Lastly, the final painting can be beautiful home decor.

    Want your gift to be the best your favorite couple will get on their big day? Order a personalized Paint by Numbers kit today!