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33 Budget-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

Thoughtful budget-friendly wedding gift ideas include a personalized wedding family portrait made into paint by number canvas, a cookbook, an action camera, a portable charcoal grill, an outdoor tent, a smart doorbell, a pet carrier, a journal for two, a picnic backpack, and more. 

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies celebrating a couple’s love and the promise of a lifetime together. 

As someone close to the bride and groom, you can partake in this celebration by attending the event and/or giving the couple a thoughtful gift. 

While you need to spend some money to get a unique gift the couple will appreciate, you really don’t need to break the bank to give them a gift they’ll cherish. 

In this article, we share 33 affordable wedding gift ideas that lovers will appreciate and adore. 

Whether you’re a family member, friend, colleague, or well-wisher looking for a perfect wedding gift, any of these ideas will work great.  

1. Personalized wedding family portrait made into paint by number canvas

Personalized wedding family portrait made into paint by number canvas

A Custom Paint by Numbers Kit is a perfect wedding gift because it serves multiple purposes. In one breath, you're helping the couple turn one of their wedding pictures into a beautiful wall art they can frame and hang in their home. 

Also, working with the paint by number custom picture canvas helps the lovers bond. Painting can also help the couple relieve stress, either after the wedding or a little down the line. 

You can request a picture the couple would like to turn into artwork to ensure the newlyweds truly appreciate the gift. Other reasons we recommend this great wedding gift is that: 

  • There is a simple, straightforward process to order and upload pictures
  • It comes with acrylic paints and brushes.
  • Elegant and genuine canvas paper
  • Easy to follow for anyone, including those without any artistic experience
  • Very affordable
  • Free worldwide shipping 

2. Paint your number gift card

Paint your number gift card as a wedding gift idea is similar to the first option above, except in this case, the couple is responsible for supplying their favorite picture. 

You can choose this option if you’re not especially close to the lovers. That way, you can avoid awkward conversations about why you want their pictures.

You can choose four different values between $25-100 for the couple to purchase what they like. 

They can buy one of the Paint Your Numbers collections or upload their wedding photo. Collections include artwork on animals, cities, countryside, flowers, landscapes, people, and the sea. 

3. A cookbook

A cookbook

Cookbooks are another example of affordable wedding gifts. After the wedding dust settles and the couple reverts to their routine, a cookbook will serve the lovers well. 

One of the good things about a cookbook is that it's something the couple can continue using for years to come. 

Bonus marks for picking cookbooks with easy-to-prepare meals and perfectly-portioned for two. 

You can consider cookbooks that focus on particular types of cuisine like baking, Mexican dishes, or pasta if the couple has indicated an interest in such meals. 

Lastly, you may pair the cookbook with a quality cooking tool to further endear yourself to the newlywed's heart. 

Cookbooks you can buy include The Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A to Z by Tamar Adler; One Pan, Two Plates by Carla Snyder; and Cook This Book: Techniques that Teach and Recipes to Repeat by Molly Baz. 

4. Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs

A customized set of ceramic coffee mugs is a practical gift idea, especially if the lovers are coffee lovers. While there are numerous “Mr & Mrs” mug sets in the market, we recommend going above and beyond generic morning coffee cups. 

You can get amazing personalized couples mug sets on Etsy. And they’re quite inexpensive too. You can even personalize the mugs with the couple’s vows and wedding date for that extra wow factor. 

5. Gift basket

Gift basket

You can put together a gift basket with multiple low-cost but practical items. There are thousands of gift basket iterations you can adopt. 

A gift basket with body butter, scented candles, and monogrammed bathrobes is popular and a nice and thoughtful wedding gift. 

Even if the couple doesn’t visit a spa with the robe, they can simply chill at home in them. 

6. Indoor decorative items

Indoor decorative items

You can give the couple an item that can adorn their walls and accentuate their existing space. Options include wall mirrors, clocks, rugs, candles, table lamps, faux plants, and more.  

To be on the safe side, it’s best to keep it simple so that the items don’t clash with existing decor in the couple’s home. You’ll be able to execute this gift idea if you’re close to the newlyweds and know about their planned decor ideas. 

7. Action Camera

Action Camera

You can give the couple an item that can adorn their walls and accentuate their existing space. Options include wall mirrors, clocks, rugs, candles, table lamps, faux plants, and more.  

To be on the safe side, it’s best to keep it simple so that the items don’t clash with existing decor in the couple’s home. 

You’ll be able to execute this gift idea if you’re close to the newlyweds and know about their planned decor ideas. 

8. Air purifiers and humidifiers

Giving the couple an air purifier or humidifier is a gift of clean and fresh air. There are different kinds of air purifiers. Some simply mop up dust and particles in the air, while others do more, like adjusting the humidity level in the room. 

You may need to stretch your pocket a little more to get this gift, but we think the cost-to-benefit ratio is amazing enough to include them in this list. 

Examples of air purifiers under $150 include the Toshiba CAF-W36USW Air Purifier, Honeywell HPA100 Air Purifier, Germ Guardian AC4825 Air Purifier, and the Instant AP 100 Air Purifier.

9. Dinnerware and/or cooking ware collections

Dinnerware and/or cooking ware collections

Help make the couple’s late-night dinners more memorable with an impressive set of dinnerware. You don’t need to splurge on a large set. A 2-piece or 4-piece good china set should suffice. 

You can also combine dinnerware with an impressive cookware set or buy the latter separately. 

Whether you buy the pair together or one of the two, the couple will thank you for helping with their kitchen needs. 

10. Food storage or organization set

Food storage or organization set

This gift idea falls in the category of what couples don't quickly realize they need but actually do. You can either do food storage or an organization set. 

The storage sets will help the lovers during meal prep and keep leftover food fresh in the refrigerator. The organization set will help store food in their pantry in an orderly manner. 

This item is another example of a thoughtful wedding gift because it's practical and functional. Rubbermaid produces multi-piece containers with as many as 60 pieces for less than $40. 

11. A bedding set

A bedding set

A bedding set as a wedding present is safe and simple. Even if the couple have purchased multiple sets, one more doesn’t hurt, and they can still use it in future. 

You can personalize them if you want, but we recommend paying more attention to the quality of the bedding. That means ensuring the gift is luxurious enough. 

In this regard, you can’t go wrong with a satin bedding set. One note of caution is to keep the set to colors like white, ivory, champagne gold, and silver to ensure they match the couple’s bedroom decor. 

12. Double hammock

Double hammock

This is a thoughtful gift, particularly if the couple are outdoorsy. A double hammock can work as part of outdoor furniture or camping gear. 

The couple can turn the hammock into their favorite hangout spot where they chill, read a book, enjoy the ambience, nap, or observe the night sky. 

When shopping for a hammock, ensure it’s lightweight, easy to set up, durable, and can comfortably fit two people up to 500 lbs. 

The Outfitters Camping Hammock by Wise Owl is a bestseller on Amazon worth considering. The large variant can take up to 496 pounds. 

It comes in many colors, including black & gray, orange & charcoal gray, and other vibrant color mixes. 

13. Picnic backpack

Picnic backpack

Continuing the outdoor theme, we think a picnic backpack is a kind of gift others won’t think of. Picnic backpacks are an alternative to preppy picnic baskets. 

They bring convenience to the picnic experience. Instead of carrying many bags, the backpack offers a minimalistic way to pack for a picnic. 

These backpacks come with cutlery, plates, cotton napkins, wine glasses, a bottle opener, a waterproof back picnic blanket, cold storage compartment, and many other features. 

The Allcamp Picnic Backpack and the Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack are designed for two and available for less than $50. 

14. Personalized wedding keepsake box

Personalized wedding keepsake box

Keepsake boxes are a superb way for newlyweds to store some special memories from their big day. They are mostly made of wood, but some are made with other materials like leather. 

Boxes made with different materials are considerably more expensive than wooden ones. 

The couple can store anything from the wedding in the box, including but not limited to the wedding invitation, the groom’s cufflinks, the order of service, the bride’s gown and shoes,  

You can include items from the ceremony that you collected in the box, such as printed pictures you took with your phone. Etsy is home to all kinds of personalized wedding keepsake boxes.  

15. Portable charcoal grill

Portable charcoal grill

A portable charcoal grill the couple can use in the backyard, garden, beach, or picnic area is another fantastic wedding gift idea in our books. 

These grills usually have small dimensions, which makes them easy to transport. Their size also makes them simple to maintain and use. 

The Mueller Portable Charcoal Grill is a fantastic example of what we’re saying. It’s super affordable and requires no tools to set up. The grill is also made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust. 

16. Outdoor tent

Outdoor tent

An outdoor tent is perfect for couples who enjoy spending time outdoors. These tents provide shade, can help block out harmful ultraviolet rays, have space to take the couple, and extended floor fabric. 

The newlyweds can use them at the park and beach, for fishing trips, and for picnics.  

The couple can enjoy their time on the beach without using a full bottle of sunscreen. You can get the Beach Tent by Venustas if the bride and groom spend loads of time on the beach. 

The tent by Venustas can also be zipped for complete privacy and comes with excellent ventilation with three big windows.   

17. Ice cream maker

The couple can make frozen treats and desserts for home dinner dates or anytime with an ice cream maker. Forget the name. These products can also make other treats like yogurts, sorbet, gelato, sherbet, and even custard.

The Electric Automatic Ice Cream Maker by Hamilton is $50 and fits the bill of a budget-friendly wedding gift. It’s easy to use in three simple steps, fully automatic, and big enough for more than two persons. 

Included in the package are 20 delicious recipes for the newlyweds to try. 

18. Waffle maker

Waffle maker

Add another option to the couple’s breakfast menu with a waffle maker. It’s a unique gift that’ll serve them for long, even as their family grows. 

Waffle makers are not prominent in most people’s kitchens and are usually an afterthought. So, for $30 or less, this is an appliance the bride and groom will love. 

The Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker by Chefman and the Belgian Waffle Maker with Adjustable Temperature Control by Oster are high-quality and inexpensive waffle maker options. 

19. Electric kettle

Electric kettle

Are the bride and groom tea lovers? An electric kettle would make a delightful wedding gift if you answered yes. Electric kettles heat faster than their stove counterparts, making for a quicker brewing of fresh cups of tea. 

Aside from making tea, the couple may use the kettle to boil hot water for meals like oatmeal or soups. 

Amazon has an amazing electric kettle you can purchase in a glass carafe or stainless steel. 

The kettle has features such as boil-dry protection and automatic shutoff. It's also beautifully crafted and would fit right into the couple's kitchen. 

20. A journal for two

Journaling as a couple has the potential to strengthen the bond between lovers. It's also another healthy way to spend time together and dive deep into each other's emotions, interests, thoughts, and feelings. 

Other benefits of journaling as a couple include fostering better communication and aiding collaboration. These benefits are what make a journal for two a classic gift.  

Some examples include:

  • A Couple's Love Journal by Certified relationship coach and author, Lori Ann Davis
  • Questions for Couples Journal by Maggie Reyes
  • Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie

21. Countertop wine rack

Countertop wine rack

A simple yet smashing wine rack can serve as decor and wine storage. Some racks also have space or room to hang wine glasses. 

You can get them in different materials too, from wood to iron or a combination of both. Amazon and Etsy have an abundance of options to check out. 

They’re also quite affordable. You can add a bottle of wine to accompany the rack. 

22. Couple’s game set

When getting newlyweds a gift of games, most people will think of the classics, like chess, checkers, and Monopoly. But we reckon games different from what the couple are used to or those tailor-made for couples/duos are better options. 

Some are better suited for at-home date nights, while others are great for dinner parties with other couples. More importantly, the games don’t need to lead to sex, although there’s nothing wrong with getting steamy. 

Some games we recommend include: 

  • I should have known that! by Hygge Games
  • Fog of Love by Hush Hush Projects
  • Love Lingual: Card Game by FLUYTCO
  • After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples by Chronicle Books
  • Pandasaurus Games Machi Koro Board Game

23. Plants


Plants definitely qualify as thoughtful gifts you can give newlyweds. You can make them organic or faux, but you must consider the couple’s schedule and attitude toward owning an organic plant. 

For the organic option, you can give the newlyweds two plants. It’ll be a wonderful experience for the couple to see the plants grow together. 

Also, choose long-living plants like bonsai trees and jade so that the experience lasts for an extended period. Other great options include bamboo, peace lily, lavender, and succulent plants.  

Faux plants require little to no maintenance and may make better gifts for busy recipients. 

24. Handheld pet vacuum

A handheld pet vacuum is one of those inexpensive wedding gifts that’ll get you a lot of love from the newlyweds if they have a pet. This device will help the couple manage shedding. 

You can altogether buy a complete grooming kit if you have a few dollars to spare. 

A grooming kit will contain additional items like brushes (de-shedding, grooming, cleaning) and a trimmer or clipper. 

You can get a portable vacuum device for less than $40, but a grooming kit typically ranges between $120 and $150. 

25. Personalized clock

Personalized clock

A personalized clock is another gift that serves both functional and aesthetic value. A cursory search on Etsy will show many beautiful options you can choose from. 

Most are made of wood, while some are made of slate or metal. For the most part, most personalized clocks cost less than $40. 

You can also go the easy route by getting an alarm clock for the newlyweds.

26. Experiences

Helping the couple build memories is a sure way to make them happy. However, you must know the couple well to pull this off. There’s a wide range of experiences you can give the newlyweds, including wine tasting, a mixology class, a cooking lesson, a flower arranging class, and a pottery class. 

The timing of the experience must fit into the couple’s schedule and locality. Some of these events run virtually, which makes them easier to fit into the lovers’ timeline.

27. Pet carrier

Pet carrier

There are many thoughtful gift ideas for pet parents, and a carrier is one of those, especially if the couple never leaves their pet behind. You can help them level up their pet travel gear by getting an elegant and durable pet carrier. 

Key features you should keep in mind when getting a pet carrier include how comfortable and easy to clean it is. It’s also necessary that the carrier has good airflow. 

This pet carrier from Elle Store is both fashionable and functional, and more importantly, it’s airline-approved and goes for circa $50.  

28. Smart doorbell

Helping the newlyweds secure their home is another prudent wedding gift idea. Smart doorbells enable monitoring from anywhere thanks to the notification to smartphone feature. 

The couple can answer their doorbell even when they’re miles away.

These doorbells also come with AI-powered motion sensing capabilities, which means they can identify if the motion is by a human or delivery person with a package. 

XTU, Tuck, and EKEN have super affordable smart doorbells on Amazon that won’t cost you a fortune or dig a hole in your pocket. 

29. Bathtub tray caddy

Bathtub tray caddy

An accessory aiding a luxury bath sounds like a good wedding gift idea. The couple can kick back, relax, and have a soaking bath while sipping wine, listening to music, or watching their favorite movie or series. 

These bamboo-made caddies also have additional space for books, candles, towels, and more. 

These trays are sturdy, waterproof, and detachable. We like the Bamboo Bathtub Tray by SMIRLY, not just for its affordable price but because it also comes with a super soft bath pillow. 

30. Candle holder

Candle holder

A stylish candle holder can add some extra pizzazz to the ambience of the couple’s home. We recommend those holders that can hold tealights, fairy lights, or candles. 

Again, since it’ll also serve as home decor, the holder mustn’t look cheap, even if it’s affordable. 

In that regard, we recommend the Silver Crystal Pillars Modern Candlesticks by VINCIGANT

The candle holders are sturdy, don’t look cheap, and are beautiful. They’ll make a perfect gift for any couple and would look great at dinner parties or date nights.

31. Instant digital camera and photo printer

Help the happy newlyweds capture more candid moments with an all-in-one photography unit, the instant digital camera, and a photo camera. 

The couple can even take a picture while the last picture is still printing, ensuring they never miss a thing. 

Two great value-to-money options you can consider include the Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera (which comes in different colors) and the Smile Instant Print Digital Camera, both by Kodak. 

32. Customized doormat

A customized doormat is a personalized gift idea for a couple. It adds a touch of uniqueness to their home entrance and warmly welcomes guests. 

Incorporating the couple's names, initials, or a special message is a delightful way to showcase their identity and personal style. 

It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of their doorstep but also serves as a functional item for keeping dirt and debris outside.

33. A gift card

We round off this list with perhaps the safest idea you can opt for. If you’re still unsure what to get the lovers, a gift card is worth considering. 

A gift card with lovely inscriptions is a good option that will convey your lovely wishes to the couple on their special day. 

More importantly, it eliminates the worry of selecting the wrong item and ensures they receive something meaningful. 

You can get a gift card from numerous companies like Spafinder, Wayfair, TJ Maxx, Amazon, and Home Goods.  

Takeaway: Get the best budget-friendly wedding gift ideas for all types of couples

Getting a gift for any couple can cause a lot of head scratches, but with the 33 ideas provided above, you don’t have to agonize further or stress too hard to choose a great gift. 

We particularly like the idea of a paint by numbers custom photo artwork that the couple can spend time together on. 

It is not only great for bonding; it’s also a stress reliever and encourages the creative side of the couple. 

It's a perfect combination of relaxation, personalization, and shared experiences that will surely be cherished.

Is your friend, sibling, or colleague having a wedding soon? You can visit Paint Your Numbers today to get a custom canvas with the couple’s picture. It’s an absolutely adoring gift guaranteed to impress.