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47 Touching Ways to Memorialize Your Pet (Must Read!)

The sorrow of losing a pet is beyond description, but building a memorial to keep them in your heart and mind can help ease the pain.

A pet memorial can be as simple as holding on to your pet's favorite toy or collar. You can also reinvent something already old or combine your pet's blankets into a single large blanket you can keep on your couch.

This article will outline several memorial ideas to help you carry your pet's memory into the next phase of your life.

1. Personalized portrait of your pet made into paint by number canvas

Personalized portrait of your pet made into paint by number canvas

This is a wonderful way to remember your pet while promoting the arts. Create a portrait of your pet using our paint-by-numbers kit. Turn your favorite photo of them into a painting masterpiece.

What makes it more special is that you get to create it by yourself. The process in itself is another way of memorializing your pet.

2. Create jewelry or artwork from your pet's name tag or picture

Create jewelry or artwork from your pet's name tag or picture

Several alternatives are available for customizing artwork or jewelry to remember a pet. Engrave your pet's nose or paw print on a necklace or turn a photo into a watercolor portrait.

Some artisans will use your pet's cremated ashes to create pottery or jewelry.

You can contact a local artist or browse an internet marketplace.

3. Create an outdoor memorial

Did your pet enjoy lounging in the grass next to the garden or napping in the backyard? Consider establishing a specific outdoor location in their honor.

Engrave a bench with their name, or put their name on a stone in your garden.

Alternatively, if you keep your pet's remains, you can bury them in your yard and designate their final resting place in one of these ways.

4. Keep their paw prints

Keep their paw prints

Though it's difficult to plan for this, or you might not have the chance, you might make a basic salt dough or use ink to capture your pet's paw print.

You can preserve the print by keeping it in a box with other memorabilia, turning it into custom art, or using it as an ornament.

When it's time to say goodbye, many veterinary hospitals also provide this service.

5. Get a tattoo

Get a tattoo

Already, your pet has left a lasting impression on your heart. Why not honor that connection with a skin-deep mark? Of course, not everyone enjoys getting tattoos, but many pet owners opt to get their pet's name or likeness inked on their bodies to remember them.

Some tattoo artists may even include your pet's ashes in the ink, allowing you to carry a piece of them around with you.

6. Commemorate your pet with others

Commemorate your pet with others

Just like you would for a family member, a pet funeral is a way to honor a pet's life. Even if you don't take your pet to a pet cemetery, you can still organize a memorial service at their favorite park or in your own house.

Show a tribute film or slideshow of your pet's best moments, or tell your story to bring your pet's memories to life.

Serving bacon, tuna, popcorn, or other foods your cat or dog has lusted after is another kind gesture.

7. Frame and display your favorite photo

Frame and display your favorite photo

Pet memorial frames allow you to display a photo with a meaningful remark or a little memento, such as a collar or paw print imprint.

Display it in a particular place, like on the wall above your bed, or just put it where it makes you feel at ease, like on your bedside table.

8. Organize an online memorial

You might feel obliged to tell everyone how unique your pet was after losing them. Organizing an online memorial allows you to do just that.

If you live far from your loved ones, online memorials offer a virtual gathering place for relatives and friends worldwide.

9. Plant a tree or some flowers in their honor

A memorial tree or plant is not required to commemorate a pet's last resting place, but many pet parents do this as part of the burial process.

It might enhance the beauty of their preferred backyard area, a park you both enjoyed visiting or any other place that held exceptional value for you both.

Consider it a beautiful way to honor their memories while giving back to the planet. Remember to obtain authorization before planting anything in a public area.

10. Create a scrapbook or collage

You probably have a billion pictures of your pet on your phone if you're like most pet owners. There are various advantages to printing them out and making a physical scrapbook.

You get a warm keepsake to remember your pet for the rest of your life, and it helps you deal with your sadness by recalling all your wonderful experiences with them.

11. Make a list of your gratitude

You've undoubtedly heard of people creating bucket lists for their animals and crossing items off when they complete particular activities as part of their end-of-life preparations before a pet dies.

However, many pet parents find gratitude lists beneficial when their pet has passed away.

You list the activities you engaged in with your pet as part of this activity.

You can look through the list whenever you're missing your pet to remind yourself of the positive times, and it can help you realize how full of life your pet was.

12. Keep your pet's cremains

Keep your pet's cremains

Nowadays, pet cremation is popular and reasonably priced. Most crematories will return your pet's cremains within a few days to a week.

We are never prepared to lose a pet, but having their cremains in a pet urn could ease your pain.

13. Get a pet memorial stone

You can place small to medium-sized boulders or granite slabs as pet memorial stones on the ground. Use it as an outdoor memorial tribute or to mark the pet's burial place.

Many families erect a memorial stone in the yard, a flowerbed, or somewhere visible from the porch or a window.

You can personalize an adorable pet memorial stone with your pet’s name, dates, an “In Loving Memory” inscription, and puppy (or kitty) paw prints.

14. Get a keepsake of their fur

Consider saving some of your pet's hair in a tiny remembrance container if you feel the need to have a physical part of them close by. Glass bottles with pet names and charms are popular on Etsy.

15. Light a candle in their memory

Light a candle in their memory

Why not honor your pet with a candle that illuminates the same space as when they were alive? A candle can be a calming reminder to unwind and reflect on pleasant memories shared with your best friend.

If you have other pets in your house, pick a safe candle.

16. Have the ashes of your pet incorporated into glass artwork

You might be able to track down a local artist who can use part of your pet's ashes in a unique glass sculpture or ornament for a pet memorial.

Or you can find a few businesses online that will produce such a thing for you. In either case, you can choose the piece's shape and the glass's internal color palette.

17. Create a pet shadow box

Organizing your pet's treasured possessions into a secure display is another lovely way to pay tribute to their memory. Once that's done, you might set their remembrance box on your mantle or coffee table.

Alternately, you may display their shadow box on your wall. Glass or plexiglass will shield the items from dust and moisture. However, they can still be easily appreciated and shared with others.

18. Place your pet's fur in a stuffed animal

Place your pet's fur in a stuffed animal

Another alternative that could be soothing is stuffing a stuffed animal with the fur of your dog. For this, there are numerous viable choices.

You might decide to stuff one of your pet's favorite stuffed animals with some fur.

Or you might stuff a new stuffed animal that you (or your kids) would treasure for years with a small amount of pet hair.

19. Make a unique memorial shelf or cremation urn

You should dedicate a wall or shelf to your four-legged baby. Build your tribute around a beloved toy, an urn, or a fun photo.

You can also create a floating shelf, which is also an urn. If you keep it hidden and secured, no one will know your pet's cremated remains are even there.

20. Create Christmas tree ornaments in honor of your pet

Create Christmas tree ornaments in honor of your pet

Make customized pet ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. Here, the holidays are special, and that’s an opportunity to remember your pet. You get the feeling that your pet will always be by your side.

21. Donate in your pet's honor

Donate money to your chosen charity, shelter, or animal rescue. Every day, many people put a lot of effort into saving, caring for, and treating pets who are in need.

Giving something to the rescue or shelter where you adopted your pet might be especially meaningful.

You could also decide to support a nearby rescue, shelter, or one whose cause is close to your heart if your pet wasn't a rescue.

22. Donate your pet’s belongings to a pet shelter

You can also donate your pet items to a nearby animal shelter or rescue organization. Your beloved pet may have left behind pet dishes, beds, blankets, or even food or clothing you no longer need or want to keep.

Donating gently used items in good shape can be quite therapeutic. As you show your affection to other animals in need, the love you once had for your pet lives on.

23. Volunteer in honor of your pet

What better way to pass the time than to dedicate it to helping animals in honor of your beloved pet? You can stroll pets to the neighborhood dog park or volunteer at a local animal rescue or daycare center.

Or you can assist in dog transportation to another rescue or take adorable pictures of the dogs at the shelter to encourage people to adopt them.

24. Turn the ashes of your pet into a diamond

Make a diamond out of your pet's cremated remains to last forever. This is for your loyal friend, who has been by your side through life's ups and downs.

With a stunning diamond, you may keep your friendship alive for all time and eternity.

25. Write about your pet's life story

Write your pet’s story in a pet remembrance journal. It will last for many generations. Show the world how much your pet means to you. You can keep a journal online or use paper and pen.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a fantastic way to process your grief. Many grief counselors recommend this cathartic method.

26. Create a garden in their honor

Create a lovely outdoor retreat for your personal use. Plant a particular tree, some forget-me-nots, and place wind chimes.

This will be a place where you can relax for hours with a nice book, a bottle of wine, and some sunshine.

27. Carry them on your keychain

An easy and soothing way to keep your cat or dog with you throughout the day is to personalize a keychain with their name, likeness, or even a simple paw print.

Some memorial keychains can accommodate a small portion of your pet's cremated remains.

28. Make a memory bracelet from their collar or leash

Make a memory bracelet from their collar or leash

It will be pretty easy to turn their collar into a memory bracelet, depending on the size of the collar and your ingenuity. While a leash will require a little more work, the concept is the same.

With either, whenever you wear your DIY pet memorial bracelet, you'll feel a constant connection to their memory.

29. Add ashes to fireworks

Funeral fireworks, often known as memorial fireworks, are growing in popularity. You can fill the firework shell with a small amount of cremated remains and launch it into the sky with a show of light and sound.

This is a lovely way to remember the wonderful friendship you and your friend had.

30. Create a photo pet memorial lantern

Our hearts are left with a void after losing a pet. It might be disastrous. A Memorial Lantern's cozy glow can console those who are grieving.

You can alter a lantern to showcase your pet's unique personality. Place your lantern on a table, shelf, or counter, and enjoy your memories.

31. Create a statue in their honor

Create a statue in their honor

By having your pet cast in bronze, you may honor them for a very long time. Immortalize your cherished pet, whether it's a hamster, bird, cat, dog, or horse. Your photos will serve as the inspiration for the lifelike statue.

32. Print their image on a wallet card or pocket token

You can print your preferred image on a metal card. It's a picture that will never age or cease to be relevant. Since the card has been laser-engraved, it will never fade.

33. Attach ashes or a photograph to your car's rearview mirror

With a tiny, jewelry-sized memento urn, you can hang the cremated ashes of your dearest buddy from the backview mirror of your car. Add their name, dates, and a paw print charm to the urn cylinder.

Do you recall how much your pet likes taking rides? You may now bring him with you wherever you go.

34. Place their collar around a garden pot

This is in remembrance of all the times your dog destroyed your flowers or your cat used your flower bed as a litter box. You will remember those funny actions fondly as you cherish your animal companion.

Wrap their collar around a garden pot to recall their favorite spot. Each time you see it, it will make you happy.

35. DIY photo coaster

DIY photo coaster

Making photo coasters is enjoyable and affordable. It doesn't matter if they are square or round, as long as their adorable "mug" is on them.

Anyone wanting to memorialize their adorable pet will love this present.

36. Make a memorial bookmark

Make a memorial bookmark

A bookmark is a fantastic way to remember your pet forever. You can give these mementos to any of your friends and family members. They'll be delighted to place it in a book, the Bible, or their refrigerator.

37. Create a memorial bench in honor of your pet

Contact your local authority to arrange for the engraving of your pet's name in a prominent location. As always, benches are welcome in parks, on sidewalks, and in front of businesses.

Giving back to your neighborhood will help keep your pet's name alive.

38. Include a picture of them in your bridal bouquet

Include a picture of them in your bridal bouquet

Even in spirit, your best buddy can still be there for you. Include a picture of them in your bridal bouquet. You might have a charm made with their likeness, then use a ribbon to fasten it to your flowers.

This is a lovely way to remember your love for your pet.

39. Establish a terrarium

Get a small glass bowl or jar, then add pebbles, soil, moss, etc. Prepare everything as you would for a standard terrarium, but include a tiny statue of your beloved pet.

Include extras like their tags or miniatures of their preferred toys. You can create this with modeling clay for those who enjoy crafts.

40. Snuggle with a pet photo blanket

Looking for a memorial to your devoted friend that is plush, comfortable, and cuddly? A personalized blanket would be ideal.

Print a beautiful portrait of your pet and its name on a plush, long-lasting fleece or Sherpa blanket. They all come in a range of sizes.

41. Print a paw in clay

Do this before your pet passes away, or get the vet to do it for you. Simply press your pet's paw into some prepared clay or cement.

You'll have a pawprint keepsake for all time!

42. Name a star in honor of your pet

You can now christen a star in honor of your beloved pet. The naming of a star is permanent and will permanently bear your pet's name. The Star Naming Registry will record your star.

You will be given a celestial map to locate your star precisely.

43. Create a garden flag

Create a personalized garden flag for your pet with their name, image, and a heartfelt tribute. You can display the custom flag in your front yard, garden, or patio.

44. Put up memorial wind chimes

Hang wind chimes on your balcony or porch; think of your pet whenever you hear their music. For example, you could write on memorial wind chimes, "Every time the wind blows, I think of you."

45. Knit a plushie

Another stuffie idea, but this time in crochet! If you're skilled enough, make one yourself, or have one made just for you (they'll handcraft and customize it based on photographs you submit).

Your kids, who adored and missed your pet, could find this a wonderful pet memorial present.

A stuffed animal they may play with and carry to bed can comfort them during their difficult time in some tiny way.

46. Create a car window sticker

Create a car window sticker

Window decals offer a visible opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away. Get one in honor of your pet; it comes with paw prints, sayings, angel wings, personalized pet names, and more.

47. Make a mosaic stone with your pet's name on it

Make a mosaic memorial stone by hand with the pet's picture on it. Each stone can weigh around 20 pounds when finished. It can be built with solid concrete and art glass.

Apply a quality outdoor grout sealant to the finished result to extend its shelf life. This will be a lovely, distinctive, durable memorial gift option for your pet.

Takeaway: Keep your pet’s memory alive with the best memorialization ideas

There is no perfect way to remember your beloved pet. Therefore, you need to decide on a memorial item(s) that will mean the most to you.

The good news is that you can start by making something simple. You may begin by tracing your dog's paw or noseprint in ink or clay and gathering a small amount of fur.

And if you are looking for a long-lasting pet memorial idea, get our Custom Paint by Numbers Kit to make a portrait of your pet.