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7 Reasons Why Paint by Numbers Is a Good Way to Start Painting

Do you find yourself admiring a beautiful piece of painting and wondering if you could paint something like it? But the very next moment you realize that while you appreciate good art, you are no artist. After all, you have never held a brush in your hand. You tell yourself it takes talent and time - lots of it - to learn how to paint, right?

Perfecting any art, including painting, will take time. Nevertheless, you can get a head start using the right tools. If you want to begin painting and improve your skills quickly, a DIY paint-by-number kit can be a great way to get going.

If you can spare some time from your busy schedule, paint-by-numbers crafts can help you take your painting and blending skills to the next level. It is an excellent way of painting pictures and, at the same time, can be a calming and relaxing experience.

Want to learn how paint-by-numbers kits can help you become a good painter? Stick around as we explore seven reasons paint-by-numbers is a great way to start your creative journey.

So, let’s get going, shall we?

7 Reasons Why Paint by Numbers Is a Good Way to Start Painting

What is painting-by-numbers?

Commercial paint-by-numbers kits have been around since the early 1950s. These kits have a blank canvas with small, numbered areas that you fill with paint using specific colors to create a beautiful painting. Kits from Paint Your Numbers come with everything you need to get started.

Many great artists like the legendary Leonardo da Vinci have used the technique to train their apprentices.

Filling in the different sections with acrylic paint is a relatively easy task that you can accomplish without needing much experience in painting.

Another great thing about paint-by-numbers kits is that you can adjust the difficulty level. If you are a novice or just starting, choose a simpler picture with fewer shades.

What is painting-by-numbers

Why is paint by numbers one of the best ways to start painting?

Many people find paint-by-numbers kits to be a great way to start painting. Using these kits, you can learn the basics of colors, shapes, and styles, which will help you understand the art of painting as you move along.

Here are the top-seven reasons it is a great way to start painting.

1. You get everything you need in your paint-by-number set

You will need a few supplies before you can start painting. You might need to arrange a canvas, brushes, paints and a solid wooden frame beforehand. It may seem easy to get the supplies, right? However, it can be quite a bother if you are a novice.

Many people can get overwhelmed obtaining all the painting supplies, eventually losing interest before they even begin.

A custom paint-by-numbers set has everything you need to make beautiful paintings in one place.

Here are the things that you get in our typical custom photo kit:

  • A numbered blank canvas 
  • Acrylic paint pots with high paint quality
  • Paint brushes of different sizes
  • Solid frame
  • A step-by-step guide on how to start custom painting

You have everything you need to start working on your artwork in the set. 

And you know what the best part is? There is no extra paint left once you finish the painting! The kit contains just the amount of acrylic paint required to complete the painting.

A paint-by-number kit can save you money

Art supplies are costly, especially high-quality ones. You pay the full retail price when you go to an art supply store to get canvas, paints and brushes one at a time.

Your paint-by-numbers kit contains everything you need. There is no need to go out from store to store and get the supplies you want. The kit offers much better value for your money than buying all the supplies individually.

A paint-by-number kit can save you money

2. It teaches you the basics in an enjoyable way

Learning the basics of any art is the key to mastering it. A paint-by-number set lets you learn the fundamentals of painting playfully, taking the pressure away. Here are a few things painting with numbers can teach you about painting.

Improves hand-eye coordination

One of the most challenging things to master in painting is getting precision and control of your brush strokes. You can improve this crucial skill when you practice using a numbered canvas.

Filling in the small numbered areas with a paint pot will also help you enhance fine motor skills and build muscle memory, which is essential when drawing or painting freehand.

Teaches color theory

Understanding and mastering how wet paint interacts is a huge part of mastering art. The different colors in the paint-by-number kit can help you learn color theory and experiment with creating different shades and finishes. You can create different tones by layering first paint on the second paint or blending them to create a unique hue.

Develops patience

A huge part of being a good painter is learning to be patient. One can create beautiful paintings only with a keen eye for detail. When you paint the sections of your canvas one at a time, you get an important lesson in patience, which will help you become a better painter.

The fun thing about the paint-by-numbers process is that you get all these crucial lessons without even realizing it.

It all happens organically as you progress in your journey. Your subconscious mind imbibes these lessons, and you start improving your skillset.

Develops patience

3. It makes you understand the light and dark concept

One of the first things you must understand to be a good painter is light and dark. Once you understand the idea, you can create a sense of depth and dimension in your painting using less or more paint.

Knowledge of lighter and darker color also helps you form an atmosphere and mood in your paintings, making them more realistic.

Here are some of the ways in which paint-by-numbers kits help you understand the concept:

Highlights and shadows using wet paint

Paint-by-numbers sets often include areas of the canvas that are meant to be highlighted or shaded.

Highlighted areas usually have a lighter shade, while shaded areas are generally darker. Painting-by-numbers helps you understand this fundamental concept in a subtle way using a fun activity.


A good painter should understand how to play with the contrast values in different areas of the painting to create dramatic effects.

You can learn about this essential concept in your paint-by-numbers kit by contrasting the foreground and background. You can paint fresh layers to increase or decrease the contrast.

Gradation of acrylic paint

Your paint-by-number kit has several shades and grades of the best paint that you apply in different marked areas on your canvas.

As you fill out these areas, you learn how the interplay of the shades forms a more vibrant outcome.

If you create such paintings enough, you can learn the importance of using the right shades in the right environment to ensure that your painting pops.

If you need a helping hand, here are 11 Pro Tips to Make Paint by Numbers Look Better.

Gradation of acrylic paint

4. It helps you gain creative control

You might think that as the canvas is already pre-printed with the design, how much creative control might you have when working on your paint-by-numbers paintings?

Well, the reality is that you still have a lot of creative control over your creation.

There is much room to make the painting truly yours and give it a personal touch. Here are a few ways to gain creative control in your artwork and learn the basics with your kits.

Brushstrokes and techniques

Another great tip that paint-by-numbers veterans share is experimenting with your brushstrokes. Simple things like adding extra coats of lighter colors or using a softer or harder bristled brush can create unique textures.

Custom paint

Many people mistakenly think that a paint-by-numbers set has little room for creativity. There is a lot you can change and modify in your painting.

You can pick different colors and modify the design to give your artwork a personal touch.

Room for creative interpretation

After painting a few numbers paintings, you will gain enough confidence to take artistic liberties with your picture.

You can experiment with different techniques, canvas treatments, and darker or lighter colors. Art experts say it is an excellent exercise in unleashing your creativity and adding new skills to your arsenal.

People with experience in the paint-by-numbers field will tell you that it is a great medium to learn new techniques.

The best thing about using these kits to hone your painting skills is that there is regimentation to keep you on track.

Many first-time painters get intimidated by a blank canvas staring back at them. You have a solid starting point as a paint-by-numbers canvas already has drawings. You can start painting immediately without worrying about the end result and enjoy the paint-by-numbers process.

Room for creative interpretation

5. You can choose what you want to paint and create unique art

Many people who are new to paint-by-numbers worry whether they will be able to complete the painting with no prior painting experience. The good news is you don’t need a lot of skill or training to get started. You can customize your kit to have a simpler or more complex design.

We recommend beginners start with a simpler piece with fewer colors and bigger areas.

Personalized images

At Paint Your Numbers, you can upload any photo and convert it into a custom paint-by-numbers canvas. However complex the picture is, we can convert it into a custom paint-by-numbers canvas for you.

Using these custom canvases, you can create unique art that reflects your interests and tastes.

Proficiency levels 

You can order a paint-by-numbers kit with a simple design or an incredibly complex one. Experts recommend that if you are a beginner with little experience in painting, you should stick with easy designs with fewer colors and bigger areas. 

When you order your kit from Paint Your Numbers, you get an option of ordering a standard (24 colors), extra-detailed (36 colors), or premium (48 colors) palette.

Painting with fewer shades is much easier than painting with more shades. Simpler designs involve painting with limited colors, making it easy to accomplish.

More shades do provide added details to your images; it is more difficult to handle for someone new to the technique.

We recommend getting the basic palette with enough paint if you are a beginner, and once you get confidence with the technique, you can always move to more complex designs.

Here are 20 Paint by Numbers Tips for Beginners if you are just picking up this new hobby.

Proficiency levels

6. It gives you the confidence to try new colors, brushes, and tricks

When learning any new art form, you must be confident to try new things. Starting your painting journey with paint-by-number sets allows you to experiment with different aspects of the painting.

Safe environment

Many new painters are scared to try new things because they worry about ruining their art. It confines them, stifles their creativity decreases the chance of growth and learning.

You can afford to make mistakes while experimenting with different colors and techniques. If you make a mistake, use white paint to erase it and start over.

Work on smaller areas to avoid making mistakes that are difficult to cover with white paint. Once the fear of making mistakes disappears, you become more comfortable experimenting.

Practice with different paint brushes and techniques

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want to be a great painter, you need a ton of practice. Paint-by-numbers artwork provides an excellent opportunity to hone your painting skills.

One of the best paint-by-numbers tips is experimenting with different colors and brushes. Always use a new technique on the smaller area of your painting. That way, even if you fail, it won’t ruin the painting.

Once you get some confidence, you can implement the new skills you learned on progressively bigger areas and add them to your repertoire.

Practice with different paint brushes and techniques

7. It helps you relax and calm down

The best creative thinking happens when your mind is relaxed. Good artists are at the top of their game when they are not preoccupied with other thoughts. That way, they can channel their creativity into their work.

It is easier than ever to get distracted in the modern, fast-paced world, isn't it? There is something or the other going on to compete with your time and attention. In such an environment, it is difficult to relax and let the creative side of your brain take control.

So, if you are ready to relax and get your creative juices flowing, the paint-by-numbers can be an excellent hobby. In fact, most paint-by-number enthusiasts take up the hobby to help them relax and calm down.

When you are relaxed and distraction-free, you can use the creative part of your brain to immerse yourself in a beautiful world filled with colors and vibrance.

Veteran paint-by-numbers enthusiasts will tell you that the activity has helped them become better painters. You learn to focus your creative thoughts, making you a better visualizer and abstract thinker.

It helps you relax and calm down

Paint-by-numbers is the perfect starting point for your creative journey

Paint by numbers can be a great stepping stone into the art world. It provides a structured approach that is both fun and easy to follow. Working on the paintings, you gain confidence and learn the basic techniques in an engaging way using a fun activity.

Another great thing about paint-by-numbers sets is that everything you need is included. You don’t need to scavenge for different colors, brushes, frames, or canvas. Once you have everything you need neatly packaged and available, you can focus on creating a great piece of art.

You can easily convert photos into a custom DIY paint-by-numbers kit with Paint Your Numbers. We provide different canvas sizes, high-quality acrylic paints, and detailed instructions with our painting kits.

Start your paint-by-numbers journey by ordering our Custom Paint-By-Numbers Kit today!