Paint Your Numbers

Activities to Do with Your Girlfriend

If you have a girlfriend, then you know sometimes it can be hard thinking of new and exciting activities to do together. You can only watch so much Netflix and have so many movie marathons before it starts to get a little old. Going out to dinner is fun too, but it can get expensive, and if you live in a small town, going to the same restaurants every week can get boring after a while. 

That’s not to say movie nights and going out to dinner are bad dates—they totally aren’t! But if you are getting bored and realized you have binged every single show on TV, then it’s time to mix up your dates and try something new. 

There are a lot of fun activities that can help to keep things exciting and can provide new interests and hobbies for you and your girlfriend. The great thing is, there are so many things you can do together that you both enjoy. It doesn’t have to be one-sided and just doing things that one person likes all the time (although, sometimes it’s nice to sit through something your girlfriend loves to do just to be nice!).  

So, you decided you want to plan some new activities, but you don’t know exactly what you want to do. No worries! We have got you covered. We did all the thinking for you and did some research to come up with some of the best and most fun things you guys can do together. And trust us, you won’t be getting bored anytime soon with this list! Read on for a list of eight activities to do with your girlfriend

1. Paint a Custom Canvas

Looking for something that will take time, teamwork, and a little creativity? A Paint Your Numbers custom canvas is the perfect thing for a unique and relaxing date night. Plus, it can be romantic, too! It’s simple and easy—here’s how it works: upload a picture to our website (maybe a cute one of you and your girlfriend!), and then we will send you a canvas that has the image outlined on it. We will also send you all the paint and brushes you will need for this project. 

Both the paints and the canvas will have corresponding numbers on them. Simply match up the paint number to the spot on the canvas with the same number. When you finish painting, your canvas will look like a masterpiece! 

2. Create a Bucket List

This is a really fun activity, and it costs no money at all. The next time you and your girlfriend get bored, pull out a piece of paper and a pen and start brainstorming all the things you want to do. Ideally, the list will include things you can do as a couple. Take turns listing the ideas and switch off every other item on the list. 

The ideas can include big dreams, such as traveling around Europe, or little things like hiking to a cool spot and having a picnic. Once you have finished creating the list, pick an item to work towards first. Then, start saving and planning! Who knows, maybe your next date will be something from the list.  

3. Build Something Together

Perfect for couples who are hands-on or who enjoy crafts and projects, building something is a great way to work on your team-building and communication skills and have a lot of fun doing it. 

The great thing about this idea is that you can build anything. Do you share a pet dog together? Try building a dog house for your yard. Do you get a lot of birds near your home? Build a bird feeder and see what kinds of birds you attract. Other ideas include building a table, a wooden bed platform, a jewelry box, a cutting board, or a charcuterie board. There are endless options for what you can make, and there are projects for all building skill levels. 

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to bond and to give back to your community. Plus, you can volunteer for something you are both passionate about and have a shared interest in. Look around your town and see what programs need help. 

If you both love animals, volunteer at an animal shelter. You will get to play with the dogs and cats there, plus feed and help with adoptions. If you both love to cook or love food, you can try volunteering at a soup kitchen or food bank. There is nothing more rewarding than helping those in need. There are always programs that are in need of volunteers, and if you find one you enjoy, you could even set up a weekly volunteer date.   

5. Take Turns Planning a Budget Date

Let’s be honest, date nights are a lot of fun, but they can easily get expensive, and sometimes you spend more than you would’ve liked to. If you are on a budget, or simply want a less-expensive date night, here’s a challenging (in a good way) idea: take turns planning a date for only $10. 

Maybe you get milkshakes and fries and listen to music in your car. Maybe you go to an arcade and buy $10 worth of tokens. Another idea is to buy a board game or card game and plan a game night. It is a fun challenge because you have to get creative, and you save money at the same time! 

6. Start a Two-Person Book Club

Do you both love to read? Or are you trying to read more? Start a two-person book club with each other. Here’s how it works: you read two books a month. Each month, you go to the bookstore, and you both pick out whichever book seems interesting to you. Then you both read the book and discuss it! 

If your book choice is being read, assign chapters and come up with discussion questions and talking points. Alternatively, you could go to a bookstore and each pick out a book for the other person. It can be one that you think they will either hate or love, but either way, you will read your assigned book and then talk about it together! 

7. Make a Homemade Pizza

This is one of the most fun activities you can do together. First of all, who doesn’t love pizza? If either of you has a dietary restriction, just make the pizza accordingly (gluten-free, vegan, etc.). Go to the grocery store together and pick out all your toppings. Have fun with it and go a little crazy! You can pick out different veggies and cheeses, and you can use a premade crust or make one from scratch. Flour fight optional!  

8. Drive Around and Look at Houses

This might seem like a silly activity at first, but it is actually a really relaxing and enjoyable thing to do. Especially if you are bored or running out of things to do, just hop in a car and start driving. If you know of a wealthier area, drive around and pick out your dream house. It may not be the most thrilling thing to do, but sometimes it is fun to just see all the different house styles and get excited about what yours might look like one day!  


As we said, there are so many great options for activities and date nights. Sometimes, you just have to think outside of the box. Even if you and your girlfriend love routines and stick to doing similar things most of the time, it can be really beneficial to mix things up and try new things together. Whether you are painting a picture of each other or exploring new neighborhoods and picking out your dream home, there’s a lot to see and do if you just step outside your comfort zone.