Paint Your Numbers

Best Art Pictures for Every Home

If you recently moved into a new place or are redecorating your home/living space, then art is probably on your mind. More specifically, how to choose art for certain spaces within your home is probably on your mind. This can be a fun yet stressful experience. You want to make sure what you choose is complementary to your home and your style. 

There is such a large variety of art pictures to choose from for your home; it can be overwhelming at times. To make things easier, we have some tips and information for you to help you narrow down the type of art you’d like to get for your home. Style, home decor, and what you want the focus of each room to be all play a role in deciding on the art you want. Read on to learn about the best art pictures for every home!  

Are There Different Styles of Art?

Yes, there are several different styles of art. Some are much fancier than others and might not work in your home, but it just depends on what your decor looks like. Once you determine the overall aesthetic of your home and how you want it to look and feel when you are there, then it will be easier to decide what type of art you should have there as well. Art can either be the center of attention in a room, or it can blend into the background and help to compliment your home instead. 

If you are trying to narrow it down, it will help to understand the differences between art styles. Here are a few different styles of art and some information about each one: 

  • Abstract expressionism: Often found in very large pieces, this art style can be found with many 20th century canvases. It includes lots of colors, drips, and spills.
  • Fauvism: This is the perfect type of art for rooms that need a bold pop. It is characterized by very strong, bright, and vibrant colors. Think Henri Matisse. 
  • Impressionism: This 19th-century style is composed of art with calming and neutral colors, and the artist attempts to capture the nuances of light and shadow. 

How Do You Choose Art for Your Home?

Choosing artwork for your home (or dorm, or apartment, or anywhere you live) can seem like a daunting task. Yes, it’s fun going through different pieces of art and trying to imagine what each piece will look like on your wall, but you still want to make sure it looks good and that the piece won’t detract from the rest of your space. 

You want the art to flow with everything else you’ve got going on. Here are some tips for choosing art in different areas of your home:

For the Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, you want pieces that reflect relaxation. Where you lay your head to sleep each night should be a place that promotes calmness and restfulness. Artwork should reflect this as well. Of course, it’s whatever makes you happy, but typically you wouldn’t want wild images and crazy, bold colors in a room where you are trying to relax. 

Start by looking at the colors and tone of the painting. Aim for soothing colors such as pastels and neutrals. Images of nature, landscapes, or abstract pieces with simple color schemes work best. You might also consider getting a larger piece of art for your bedroom so you can hang it over your bed. It can be the center of attention in your room. 

For the Living Room

If you are looking for art to hang in your living room, it will either be the easiest art to shop for or the hardest, depending on the theme of this space. Sometimes it is obvious what art is needed in a certain space. But other times, it takes something really special to work. 

So many people feel the pressure to have the best art in their living room because that’s where guests and visitors will spend their time. It’s typically the space that is the most lived-in and therefore should look the best. One of the best tips for your living room art? Go big and go bold. Large pieces that take up most of the wall or bright color pops are great ideas for this space. 

For the Office

For an office space, you want to bring in art that is two things: personal and motivating. You are likely doing work when you’re in your office, so when you take a break to look up from your desk, you want to see things that are inspiring to look at. 

Choose art that has your favorite colors in it or contains bright and cheery colors. Dark colors are not likely to inspire you or make you feel like you have the energy to keep working. Also, your own photographs work great in an office setting because they make things feel more personal and help to bring warmth to the space. 

For the Bathroom

One room that is often overlooked when it comes to art is your bathroom. You might not think that a small space like that needs any art, but we think it could make a great addition to the space. Especially if you spend a lot of time in your bathroom (which, let’s be honest, we all do) taking baths or doing your makeup, you want something nice to look at while you’re in there. 

You can keep it simple and include prints that go with the color scheme of the bathroom, or use prints that help to bring more energy to the space with bright, cheery, and even contrasting colors. 

Can I Make My Own Art for My Home?

If you aren’t feeling inspired by any of these ideas, or if you simply can’t find anything you like for your home, we’ve got an even better idea that is sure to make you happy and make your home complete. Instead of looking for the perfect piece of art, why not create the perfect piece of art instead? And no, we aren’t talking about going to your local art store, buying canvases, paints, and brushes, and doing it all from scratch (although, you could if you wanted to). 

What we are talking about is creating your own custom canvas with Paint Your Numbers. This is a great solution for making your art feel personal and like it was made for your home because it really will be made specifically for your home! And the best part is, you can choose any image you want for this project. 

If you have a picture of you and whoever you live with, a picture of your family, a favorite image of your dog or pet, or just an image that you love (favorite actress, a vacation place, nature, etc.), then decide on the image and upload it to our website. From there, we will send you a custom canvas with an outline of that specific image. You will also get to choose the size of the canvas and how many colors you want to be used in the painting as well (24, 36, or 48). The more colors you choose, the more details your canvas will have. 

Both the canvas and the paints we provide you with will have corresponding numbers on them. Match these numbers up, and that’s how you will know which paint colors will go in which section of the canvas. Just follow along until all the sections are filled, and you will have your own personal masterpiece to hang in your home!  


There tons of different styles of art, and it is fun to play around with each style to see what you like and what works as decor in your home. You never know what will end up completing a room and what will end up not working at all. The great thing is, it’s up to you to decide what works! 

No matter what your style or what kind of art you like, there are so many different pieces out there that you are sure to find some that work with your home’s decor. But, if you can’t seem to find the one piece you need to complete your home, you can try out Paint Your Numbers instead. That way, you can choose any image you want to have displayed in your home. Plus, you will actually get to paint your custom canvas on your own to create a truly unique piece that will work anywhere in your home.