Paint Your Numbers

The Best Personalized Family Gift

Shopping for family members can be tricky. You want to give them something they’ll love and treasure forever, but also something sentimental, and something they can actually use! Here’s why a custom paint by numbers kit from Paint Your Numbers is the perfect personalized gift for any family member or loved one.

It’s Customizable

The best part about Paint Your Numbers kits is that they are 100% customizable. Just upload any image to our site, and you’ll receive a custom paint by numbers set to help transform your image into a handmade, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We’ve compiled a list of amazing ideas for photos to transform into paintings. 

Family Portraits

Hand-painted family portraits can make beloved heirlooms that look great hung in any room. Unfortunately, commissioning a portrait of your family can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So why not do it yourself? Gifting your parent or sibling a custom family portrait is not only sentimental but cost-effective as well!

Pet Portraits 

Pet portraits are all the rage right now, and many people are signing up for classes to learn how to immortalize their pooch or kitty with their own custom painting. Whether your pet is young or old, a giant St. Bernard or a tiny Chihuahua, your family is sure to love a custom piece of art for the fuzziest member of your family. 

Vacation Memories

Every family has that special place they’ve visited on vacation that holds special memories. Maybe your family spent every summer on the beaches of Cape Cod, or at Disney World, or even traveling abroad. A landscape of a place that holds special memories is a subtle way of reminding of the amazing times you all had together.

Your Childhood Home

Whether your family still lives there or they moved away long ago, nobody ever forgets their childhood home. It’s the place where you had all your firsts! Giving your family member a painting of a place that holds such special memories is sure to bring a tear to their eye. 

A Loved One Who Has Passed Away

If your grandparents or great-grandparents are no longer with us, giving your family a beautiful painting of them is extremely special. Keeping photos around helps us remember those we’ve lost, and a painting is even better. 

An Inside Joke 

If you’re looking for something a little cheekier, try gifting a portrait that reminds you of a funny memory you all had together. Remember when Mom burnt the turkey a few Thanksgivings ago? Immortalize that funny memory with a painting. 

Wedding Photos

Giving a family member a custom portrait of the happiest day of their life is extremely special. Either take a photo from their ceremony or ask them for one of the photographer’s shots. A custom painted wedding portrait makes an amazing gift to keep the happy memories alive after the honeymoon!

Favorite Celebrity or Athlete

If your family member is a huge fan of a certain actor, singer, or athlete, why not give them a custom portrait of their hero? They can look at the painting whenever they need inspiration. It’s like an adult version of hanging a photo of your celebrity crush on your wall as a teenager.

It’s Sentimental

Maybe the best part about giving a custom portrait is that the subject can be sentimental, and you made it with your own two hands. According to a 2019 survey of 2,000 Americans, 62% said they prefer handmade, sentimental gifts to expensive, store-bought items. 

Not only is the gift beautiful and professional looking, but it’s a way to tell your family member that you love them enough to spend time making them a custom gift. Whenever they look at the painting hanging on their wall, they’ll think of the time and effort you put into creating it for them.

Bonding Time

If you don’t want to complete the painting beforehand, give your family the unfinished gift and complete it together. Creating a piece of art together is fun, collaborative, and gives you a chance to relax and connect with your loved ones. 

Doing a collaborative activity with your family encourages quality time, rather than something passive such as sitting on the couch or going to the movies. It allows you to talk to each other and enjoy the company of your family. Plus, it's a great activity for older kids and teenagers, as it will allow them to express themselves and open up to their family members in a safe environment.

It’s Therapeutic 

Art therapy is a well documented, integrative form of therapy that allows people to express their thoughts and emotions through artistic mediums. Art therapy has been shown to increase self-awareness and mindfulness. While true art therapy is done under the guidance of a licensed therapist, expressing yourself through art can have a positive impact on overall mental health.

Art therapists claim that incorporating art, along with traditional talk therapy, can greatly reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Art allows people to express themselves freely and relax and gives the patient complete control over their project. If you can’t go to art therapy, doing an art project at home can still provide amazing benefits, such as relaxation and anxiety relief. Paint by numbers is a perfect project for art therapy because it’s low stress and allows painters to work on small portions at a time, so it's not overwhelming. 

It’s Cost Effective

Paint Your Numbers makes an amazing gift even for those who don’t have the largest budget. Kits begin at only $45.99, much less expensive than any custom portrait would be. Your family will get a high-quality, custom portrait that looks professional, and you won’t have to break the bank. 

It’s Useful

How many times have you received a gift and been wowed for a moment, but then it just sits in a drawer collecting dust for years to come? According to a recent study, more than $9.5 billion dollars are wasted on unwanted or unused holiday gifts each year. More than half of Americans receive at least one gift they don’t like each year and receive an average of two undesired gifts every holiday season. 

A Paint Your Numbers set is not only fun, but it produces a great piece of art that can hang on the wall for generations to come. A custom painting is a gift everybody will love and will be put on display instead of just gathering dust. 

Anybody Can Do It 

Paint Your Numbers is ideal because anybody can do it, regardless of skill level. Painting a custom portrait from scratch is an extremely daunting task, especially for novice artists. Without a guide, it probably wouldn’t come out realistic. Painting realistic portraits is difficult for even experienced artists.

The best part of Paint Your Numbers kits is that anybody can do it, regardless of experience or skill level. Paint Your Numbers kits come with small, pre-designated sections to fill with color, meaning any artist can easily create a masterpiece. By completing the painting in small sections, you can make a detailed, realistic portrait that looks professional.

It’s Safe

Families all around the country, and the world, are looking for fun, at-home activities to keep busy during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While we stay at home and social distance to keep healthy, many people are turning to artistic hobbies to keep their brains stimulated and busy. Paint Your Numbers kits are a great activity you can do from home, even if you’re a painting beginner. 

It Teaches Painting Skills

Another benefit of Paint Your Numbers kits is that it teaches you the basics of portrait painting, and allows you to see how paintings are created step-by-step. If you want to improve your painting skills, but don’t know where to start, completing a paint by numbers kit allows you to learn the basics of painting techniques and shading, so once you’re done, you can take on another painting by yourself (or just order another Paint Your Numbers kit, we won’t judge).

It’s Fun!

Lastly, Paint Your Numbers kits are fun to do! They’re stress-free since the kits come with everything you need to easily create a piece of art, and they’re simple enough that anybody can follow along. Giving a Paint Your Numbers kit to your family is an enjoyable activity to do together, one that you’re sure to want to do again and again. 


Paint Your Numbers kits make the perfect gift for any family, large or small. There are so many reasons your family will love their custom painting or having a project to do together. It’s totally customizable, from the subject to the size to the colors. It’s a safe and fun bonding activity to do with the family, and it can even be therapeutic. Make sure to shop our kits, and check out our website for more art inspiration and ideas.