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8 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas to Make Their Day Extra Special

Birthdays are always a good reason to celebrate. Especially when it comes to those we love, they deserve a little something extra on their special day. It’s the one day a year when all the attention is on the birthday girl/boy! No matter your budget, there are so many great gift ideas that your friends or family members will love to receive. The great thing is you can make a homemade gift or get something inexpensive that can still be really unique and special

If you’re reading this, someone close to you probably has a birthday coming up, and you’re starting to think of things to get them. When it comes to presents, the old saying still applies: it’s the thought that counts. The real gift is knowing someone put time and effort into picking something out for you and hoping you will love it as much as they love you! It’s not about the material item itself, but rather the fact that you even got a gift at all. If someone close to you has a birthday coming up, consider doing what you can to brighten up their day and make it amazing. 

Now that you know you want to get someone a gift, it’s time for the hard part: what the heck do you get them for their birthday? Sometimes the people we are closest to are the hardest people to shop for. You most likely know them very well, which can actually make things more difficult when it comes to shopping. You want to find something perfect for them, so you might find yourself second-guessing whether or not they will actually love the gift! 

From sisters to boyfriends to best friends, gifting isn’t always the easiest. To help make things easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of some very unique birthday gift ideas to make their day extra special! Read on to get inspired. Maybe you will find exactly what you were looking for! 

1. Custom Paint Your Numbers Portrait

This is an awesome idea for anyone in your life. And don’t worry, they don’t have to be artistic to enjoy this gift from Paint Your Life! Upload your favorite picture of the two of you (or any image that is special to them), and we will send you a custom canvas with that image on it. 

Here’s where it gets unique: the canvas is white with an outline of the image, and each portion of the canvas has a number on it. The paints have corresponding numbers, and when you fill them in, it will create a beautiful image! Talk about a memory that will last a lifetime. 

2. Concert Tickets to Their Favorite Band

You can’t go wrong with this one. Plus, if you get two tickets, it will be something fun for you both to do together (yay, quality time!). If it’s in your budget, you can try and get good seats with a great view of the stage. And if you have a tighter budget, you can get seats in the upper levels for pretty cheap. Most of the time, you can get concert tickets in the upper levels for under $50 a ticket. They will love it because they get to see their favorite artist, and you will love it because you’ll be making memories together. It’s a win-win!  

3. Send Them to a Cooking Class

If you have someone in your life who either loves to cook, wants to learn how to cook, or needs a little help in the kitchen (raise your hand if your cooking skills are not so hot), a cooking class is a perfect present. People with any level of cooking skills will benefit from a class, which typically teaches techniques and shows you how to make a few different recipes.  

4. Make Them an At-Home Spa Package

Everyone can use a day at the spa (even if it’s at home). It’s way less expensive than going to the actual spa, but still just as nice, an at-home spa package will help them to relax and feel pampered. 

You can buy a basket or box and fill it with lots of goodies, such as a candle, facemask, robe and slippers, and lotion. You could even make them a playlist that has lots of relaxing spa music to play for their at-home spa day.  

5. Buy Them All the Tools Needed to Brew Beer or Kombucha at Home

If you know someone who loves either beer or kombucha, you could get them the tools and ingredients they need to brew these beverages on their own. Both do not require a ton of equipment or ingredients, but you can get specific ingredients based on their preferences (such as the type of beer they like to drink or a flavor of kombucha they love). You can find pre-packaged kits online, or you can research the tools and ingredients needed and put together your own kit. 

6. Set Up a Mini At-Home Bar

If you are throwing someone a party or if they just moved into a new place, you could set up a mini at-home bar. You can find a bar cart that matches their decor and stock it with a few essential items. Be sure to include their favorite spirits, such as tequila, vodka, or rum. Then, add any necessary drinkware (copper mugs for Moscow mules, champagne flutes for champagne, etc.) and items like a shaker or shot glasses. 

7. Make a Movie Night Basket

This would be a great idea for your significant other. You can get a big basket and fill it with all the movie night essentials. Make sure you get their favorite candy (and don’t forget some for yourself), a few bags of microwave popcorn, some yummy drinks, a gift card to rent a video online or some movies they love on DVD, and maybe even throw in some cozy extras for the movie viewing, such as fuzzy socks and a blanket. 

8. Make Them a Coupon Book

This gift will be basically free for you to make unless you need to buy paper and pens. You can make cute, funny, and just plain nice coupons for a friend or loved one. You can get really creative with the ideas, and they can range from “dinner on me” to “I’ll clean up your room/apartment.” Have fun with it! You can make some of them heartfelt, and some of them can be silly. Either way, it’s a really unique gift they are sure to love. Just be ready for when they want to cash all their coupons in! 


If it is your significant other, bestie, or one of your family members, they deserve something amazing. And don’t worry—it doesn’t have to break the bank. It could be as simple as writing a poem or letter for them or painting one of their favorite pictures as a custom portrait for them to keep at home. Maybe you even plan a special birthday party! Whatever you decide to get, just keep the person receiving the gift in mind. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s personal and something they will love. 

Another thing to consider is that gift shopping shouldn’t be a stressful activity. It should be fun! Browsing gifts and deciding what the birthday boy/girl will be excited to open should bring you joy. You can always make things easier and do your shopping online when you have some extra free time. And don’t worry about making the gift “perfect.” You just want to make sure it is something they will use and love! There shouldn’t be any pressure when you are giving someone a gift, but we know it can still be nerve-wracking to do so.