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Christmas Gift Ideas for Her: 16 ideas you haven't heard of

Every woman deserves the best Christmas gift imaginable, but sometimes it can be hard to find something just as special and unique as them. Paint Your Numbers believes the best way to do this is by making sure the gift is sentimental and notable to your relationship and their personality. Everybody gifts lotions, candles, and fuzzy socks—be different and gift her something with a bit more meaning.


For Her Hair 

Every girl loves to do her hair, so gift her some supplies to help her look on point. 

1. New Blow Dryer 

If your S.O. is anything like any other girl, she’s most likely had the same blow dryer for years. Gift her a brand new good-quality blow dryer to help her morning routine a little more enjoyable. 

This gift doesn’t have to break the bank either; some of the best blow dryers are the ones with the smaller price tag.

2. Curling Wand Or Straightner 

Some don’t realize what a significant investment a nice curling wand or straightener can be. Consider showing her how much you care by gifting her that curling wand she’s had in her cart for months. 

For The Coffee Lover 

If your girl loves her Starbucks, then consider gifting her some coffee-themed goodies. 

3. Espresso Machine 

Coffee with creamer at home just isn’t the same, but if you get her an espresso machine, she can make all her favorite lattes and cappuccinos in the comfort of her kitchen.

4. New Keurig

We get that not everyone is an espresso drinker, but they might still love their daily cup of joe (or two). If that’s the case, then a brand new Keurig is your best bet. 

5. Ice-Maker 

Anyone that enjoys their coffee iced knows the importance of the ice cubes. Any old fridge cubes aren’t going to do the trick. Whether a Keurig or an espresso maker, be sure to add a special ice-maker to go with it. 

Make It a Gift Basket 

By the time you buy the coffee machine and ice-maker, you’ll have to get all her favorite pods, syrups, and flavorings, too—take all that and make her a special gift basket complete with all her coffee/espresso favorites. 

For The Workout Junkie 

If she is constantly trying new workout classes or is in the gym every day, then these are all the gifts she’ll be glad to receive.

6. New Yoga Mat

Yogis are known for using their yoga mats to the point where they might be falling apart. While it might be sad to say good-bye to the mat that has been with them from the beginning, anything new is always appreciated when it comes to workout gear. 

7. Hydro-Flask Water Bottle 

This is undeniably the best water bottle for any athlete or gym rat, plus you can gift her a ton of stickers that are unique to her personality and interest. 

8. New Headphones 

Everybody needs a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones if they’re expected to get in a good workout. They can get pricey, but you know she deserves every penny spent on her. 

9. New Workout Clothes 

Every girl seems to have 20 pairs of black leggings, so why not make it 21? Get her some new cute workout clothes from her favorite clothing brand to get her extra excited about her gym time. 

And just like the previous gifts, you can go ahead and buy her all these goodies and display them all in a cute gift basket.

For The Cook 

If your S.O. loves to cook, luck you! You’re enjoying home-cooked meals daily and have the list of the perfect gifts to get her. 

10. Bread-Making Kit 

At-home chefs seem to love a challenge, so consider gifting her a bread-making kit. It may seem daunting at first, but it’s nothing you guys can’t figure out together. 

11. Dutch Oven 

Dutch ovens are perfect for the winter months—they’re known for making delicious soups and stews perfectly. These aren’t your average kitchen item, so we’re sure she’ll be glad to have one to call her own. 

12. New Cookbook

Get her that celebrity cookbook she’s been eyeing for months—then enjoy all the delicious meals that come from it.

13. Air Fryer 

If she keeps complaining about overspending on eating out and doesn’t have the greatest track record in the kitchen, then an air fryer is perfect. It’s almost impossible to mess up any meal in one of these—we promise anything will turn out delicious (with the help of some seasoning).

14. Personalized Jewelry 

Every girl loves to see a tiny box perfectly wrapped under the tree Christmas morning—knowing inside is a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. 

Just make sure it’s personal to her, don’t get her just any old heart-shaped necklace. Put some thought into it—whether it’s a new pair of earrings or a stunning diamond ring, it should be unique to her. 

Consider getting her a personalized stone for her birth month, or maybe get a special date or message engraved in the band. 

15. A New Watch

A watch will go with any outfit; it’s classic and always met with a huge smile post-unwrapping. 

16. Paint Your Numbers Kit 

A Paint Your Numbers Kit is the perfect gift if you want to take the extra sentimental route. Send in your favorite picture of your girl, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

The best part is it’s an activity you guys can enjoy together on your next at-home date-night. You can even pair it with a nice bottle of wine and do a sip and paint night at home. 

17. A Wine Subscription 

Speaking of wine, if your girl loves her wine, then consider gifting her a wine subscription. Who wouldn’t want a favorite bottle of their favorite vino delivered to their doorstep every month? 

Wine subscriptions are also great because they’ll help them branch out from what they’re used to indulging in. 

This gift can also double as a way to have an at-home date-night already schedule every month. Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked meal or your favorite take-out—do it over a nice glass of wine. 

In Conclusion

No matter you decide to gift her, here at Paint Your Numbers, we know that as long as it’s well-thought-out and is filled with love and care, she’ll love it. Even if it seems like she’s the woman who has everything, we’ve got you covered. 

Everyone is different and has their likes and interest, which makes gift-giving during the holidays stressful. Making sure you get her everything she deserves can be nerve-racking—don’t overthink it and just enjoy your holidays together. Everything else will fall into place.


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