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Christmas Gifts for Him: 15 Ways to Wow Him This Year

Here at Paint Your Numbers, we understand how hard it can be to shop for guys. If you’re struggling to formulate gift ideas that’ll wow your special man, we’re here to help. Every guy has their hobbies. Whether it’s golf, the gym, whiskey collecting, music, or the great outdoors, we’ve got a guide to help you shop for whichever interests your man has. 

Sometimes it feels like guys aren’t the most sentimental people, but all it takes is the right gift from the right girl to pull on their heartstrings. It can be hard to find the right gift for anyone, but especially for your S.O.! The key is to remember the price tag isn’t the most important thing—so don’t stress or feel like you have to break the bank on him (or anyone) this holiday season.

1. New Set of Golf Clubs 

If your guy is a golfer, then treat him to a set of brand new clubs. You can even throw in a few new polos too. 

2. A Couples Vacation 

There’s nothing more fun than vacationing with your S.O.; if you want to spoil him this year, then plan a romantic getaway for the two of you. 

The guy is always paying; make this vacay an all-expenses-paid trip. We’re sure you’ve talked about places you’ve wanted to see together; cross one of them off your bucket-list by choosing one of those. 

3. A New Grill 

Every guy loves a poolside bbq party, especially when they get to man the grill. If your man has been itching for a new one, then go ahead and get him that new grill he’s been dying for. 

4. A Three in One Charging Station 

Is your S.O. a loyal apple customer? Then they’ll appreciate a 3 in 1 charging station to make sure all their essentials are always charged-up and ready to go. 

For The Outdoorsman 

If he is the kind of guy that’s constantly hiking, hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors, then we’ve got a few ideas that will wow him for sure this holiday season.

5. A High-Quality Cooler 

Whether it’ll be used for fishing trips or just beach days to keep the drinks cool—considering investing in a good-quality cooler for him. The nicer ones can get pricey, but we’re sure he’s worth it either way. Plus, it’ll last long enough to make it worth the higher price-tag. 

6. Fishing Poles

Get him that pole he’s been eyeing for the past few months, then make him take you out on a boat or lake day so you can both enjoy the present. 

7. Hiking Boots 

Hikers run down their hiking boots like nobody’s business. If your hiker is due for a new pair, then Christmas is the perfect excuse for you to surprise him. 

You might as well snag a pair for yourself, too; this way, you can go on these adventures together. It’ll make the long hikes even more enjoyable if you’re both looking and feeling great!

For The Gym Rat 

If your guy is constantly in the gym, then it’s safe to say he falls into the ‘gym rat’ category. Well, lucky you—who doesn’t love a man that is constantly working on bettering himself and his health?

Plus, there are endless options when it comes to gifts that’ll wow him. 

8. Bluetooth Headphones 

Everyone needs their favorite pair of headphones when they’re trying to get in a good pump. Even if he already has a pair that he loves, he mostly has had the same ones for years.

Give him a reason to feel extra motivated for his workouts by gifting him a brand new pair of Bluetooth headphones.

9. Foam Roller

Guys are notorious for not taking their recovery days seriously, but this can cause injuries and unwanted soreness. Give him a reason to take a second to stretch and roll out post-workout by gifting him a high-quality foam roller.

For The Homebody 

If your thing together is enjoying quality time at home, then you would be considered homebodies.

10. Heated Back and Neck Messager 

What better way to spend time at home than getting a heated massage? These are especially great after a long day at work. 

After the hectic nature of the holidays passes, surprise him with a homecooked meal and his heated massager waiting for him.

11. Cozy Slippers 

Everyone needs a pair of cozy slippers during the chilly winter months. If his favorite thing to do is lounge around at home, then make sure he’s extra comfy by gifting him a pair of slippers. 

12. Monthly Razor Subscription 

If your man likes to keep himself clean-shaved, then consider gifting him a monthly razor subscription that’s complete with a variety of after-shaves and lotions.

13. A Bottle Of Whiskey For The Whiskey Lover 

Some people like to enjoy a post-work brew, and others have a love for a youth-full bottle of whiskey. If your S.O. falls into this category, then consider buying him another bottle for him to add to his collection. 

When it comes to whiskey, drinking plain old ice-cubes doesn’t always cut it. Instead, get him whiskey stones—it’ll keep his drink cold all night without watering it down.

Remember, he can’t drink his perfectly crafted whiskey out of any old glass, so you might as well get him a new set of personalized glasses to enjoy his new beverage in. 

14. Paint Your Numbers Kit 

On the more sentimental side of things—a paint your numbers kit is a great gift if you want to show someone how meaningful your relationship is to you. Choose a picture both of you cherish, and we’ll take care of the rest.

After you guys are done painting it together, he can hang it in his office or frame it to keep on his bedside table. 

15. For The Music Lover 

Everyone loves music, but some people have a passion for it. It’s no exaggeration when people say all songs sound better when they’re played by a record player, so if music is one of his passions, purchasing him a record player for him to blare all his favorite songs on.

Don’t be shy—throw in a few records to get his collection going. You can even talk to some older friends of yours in hopes of getting your hands on some authentic vintage records. But, if that doesn’t work, thrift stores and garage sales will be your best friend when it comes to hunting down vintage records.

In Conclusion

Everybody is different and has their own unique set of hobbies, likes, and interests. You’d think with that being the case, it would make gift-giving easy peasy—but we know how challenging and stressful picking out the perfect gift during the holidays can get! 

That’s why we’ve formulated an easy-to-follow guide that has every kind of guy in mind—even if you feel like he already has everything. The most important thing to remember is that the price tag shouldn’t do the talking—the thought and effort you put into the gift should. 


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