Paint Your Numbers

Custom Painting: The New Trend to Make Photos into Paintings

With the world being on lockdown for months, people quarantining for long periods of time, and many cities having “stay at home” orders, we’ve had to get pretty creative while thinking of ways to pass the time. And if you’ve been through phases where you are literally bored out of your mind, trust us—we can relate. New trends have emerged this past year that has gained popularity not just in the United States but around the world. 

We know you’ve seen the countless pictures of people attempting (keyword: attempting) to bake their own bread, people learning crazy dances on TikTok, and people getting into hobbies they have always wanted to try (instruments, arts and crafts, cooking, juggling, you name it). 

It has definitely been the one positive aspect that came from 2020. People really went outside of their comfort zones to try new things and push themselves to dive into a challenge. Now more than ever, people are starting new activities, reading more, and doing things they otherwise wouldn’t have done if they hadn’t been stuck at home. 

Another really cool activity that is on the rise in popularity is turning your photos into paintings. As we said, creativity was huge throughout quarantine. It’s really the only way many people made it through without losing their minds! We love a good Netflix binge as much as the next person, but let’s be honest: even that gets old after a while. Whether it was out of boredom or not, many people started looking through their old photos and discovered they had special images they wanted to keep forever.  

For many, these images were of things that made them smile, think about better days, or gave them hope that things would return to normal. What better way to keep a photo forever than by turning it into a custom painting? You can always have it hanging in your home, and it will make you happy each time you see it. If you are interested in custom painting, read on to learn more about the new trend that lets you make photos into paintings.  

How Does Turning Photos Into Paintings Work?

Unlike other companies, we do all the work for you at Paint Your Numbers. All you have to do is pick out an image you love (or a few, if you want different canvases to work on) and upload it on our website. We’ll take it from there—we process your order and then send you a white canvas that has an outline of your image on it. This outline will have small numbers in several different sections of the canvas. These numbers will correspond with the numbers on the paints we send you as well.

Once you have your supplies organized and you are ready to start painting, simply match up the numbers on the paint to the numbers on the canvas. For example, if there is a sky sectioned off with the number “1” and blue paint with the number “1” on it, then you will use that blue paint to fill in all areas of the sky marked with the number “1.” 

Yep, it’s really that simple. You get the canvas, the brushes, and all the paint necessary to complete your custom canvas painting. So really, all you have to do to make your photos into a painting is upload them to our website. Then, you’re good to go and ready to start painting. 

Do I Need to Have Painting Experience to Paint a Custom Painting?

No, you do not need to have painting experience in order to paint a custom painting. In fact, no prior art experience is needed whatsoever. You just need a steady hand and the ability to focus on the painting! 

Think of a paint by number painting as bowling with bumpers. You’re still bowling (or, in this case, painting) but with a little extra help. You can be a total beginner and have no experience whatsoever and still make a beautiful custom painting. 

As long as you can match the numbers on the paints to the numbers on the canvas, you will have no problems at all. Just take your time and focus on each section, sit back, and enjoy yourself. Plus, since we provide all the materials, you won’t have to worry about going to an art store and picking out the right paints and brushes. You will just be ready to dive right in.

What Are the Benefits of Painting?

There are several benefits of painting. One benefit is that it helps you to tap into your creative side. For people who aren’t regularly working with the arts or aren’t forced to be creative on a daily basis through work or school, doing creative things every once in a while is good for self-expression and your overall mental well-being.

Painting is also scientifically proven to help with mental health issues such as anxiety. It forces you to focus on one task, allowing your mind to calm down. Painting helps to promote a sense of peace in your entire body. This is known as art therapy.

The art of painting is great to have as a challenging and fun hobby. You are constantly working your mind while you paint while allowing yourself to practice expression and balance your emotions at the same time. And more than anything? Painting is just relaxing, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

Do Custom Paintings Make Good Gifts?

Yes! Custom paintings make the best gifts. Seriously, there isn’t a cooler gift out there than receiving one of your favorite photos and seeing it turned into a canvas painting. The great thing about choosing a custom painting for a gift is that it can work for any situation you can think of. 

If you want something romantic for your boyfriend or girlfriend, have one made with a picture of the two of you. If you have a friend who lost a pet recently, you can paint their furry friend to cheer them up. 

Wedding gift? Check. Anniversary? Check. Birthday? Check. Any occasion where you are celebrating or need to put a smile on someone’s face is the perfect occasion for gifting someone a custom painting. Another reason a custom painting makes such a good gift is that it is so unique. Perfect for the person who has everything or for the person who loves thoughtful gifts. 

Plus, our canvases come in five different sizes. This allows you to customize the painting even more. If you just want a small canvas to fit on someone’s desk, we have a size for that. If you want a larger canvas that can go on a wall or fit a bigger space, we have a size for that, too. You can also choose if you want 24 or 36 colors included with your custom painting. 



If you are bored, want to try something new, or are a huge art lover, then taking your favorite photo and creating a custom painting might be the perfect activity for you to give a chance. People love creating memories (or rather, turning their favorite memories) into something that they will have forever. 

Plus, it is a fun and enjoyable activity you can do on your own or with a group of friends! You could all pick a number on the canvas and be in charge of filling those sections in. If you prefer to do it solo, it will be the perfect thing to help you pass the time, and it will help you have relaxing quiet time for yourself

Custom paintings make the perfect gift, which we discussed earlier in the article. There is nothing more thoughtful than putting in the time and effort to create something beautiful and meaningful for someone. Wouldn’t it be an amazing gift to open for a special occasion? We sure think so! It would definitely be a treasured gift to remember forever. 

Creating your own custom painting is a breeze with Paint Your Numbers. We keep things simple, quick, and easy, unlike other paint by number companies. We use high-quality canvases, brushes, and paints that will make your picture look like a professional painting. So relax, unwind, grab some friends (or don’t), and start painting your own masterpiece!