Paint Your Numbers

The Different Styles of Art you Must Try

There are so many different styles of art in the world that it can be so hard to pick just one to focus on. Or maybe you’re really experienced in one style, but you’ve found yourself in a bit of a creative rut. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of super fun art styles to help inspire your next project.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is a general term for any type of art that does not try to depict realistic objects. Abstract pieces can use different shapes, colors, textures, and forms to make a beautiful piece of art. Abstract art seems simple, and on the surface, it is! You’ve been doing it since you were a toddler playing with finger paints. 

However, abstract art isn’t always as easy as it looks. With so few restrictions, it can feel overwhelming. The key here is to not overthink it. Pick a few colors that complement each other, and let the brush or the pen flow. Remember, art is all about fun, so let yourself relax and enjoy the process.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a style of art that was hugely popular in Europe and the United States from 1890 to 1910. Art Nouveau is characterized by curved, flowing lines and intricate patterns. Plants and other organic shapes were a huge inspiration for this style. The colors are usually flat, with very little shading, and the color schemes were monochromatic, meaning all the colors they use are from the same family.

Art Nouveau is similar to something you might see on a Tarot card. To try this style, pick a subject that has natural, organic curves and shapes, like a plant or a person. Keep the linework simple, and try to limit shading. Then, fill in with a muted color palette. As a bonus, you can add an ornate border around your piece that incorporates popular Art Nouveau motifs, like intricate or organic patterns.


If you have a bunch of extra newspapers or magazines lying around, why not try some collage art? This project is great for kids, but true artists can also make it extremely refined and polished. Collages are made by combining scraps or small pieces of paper, fabric, photographs, or any other flat material into one cohesive piece of artwork. 

To start your collage, pick a certain photo or color scheme that jumps out to you and work outwards from there. This will be the focal point of your piece. Then, find other images or paper scraps that fit within that theme to help create a cohesive art piece.

A fun project to try using collage is a vision board. Look through magazines, newspapers, or old photos for things that inspire you or things that remind you of what you want to achieve. Then, arrange them in layers on a blank canvas or piece of paper, and glue them down. Now, you have a piece of art that reminds you of your goals and will help you manifest what you want out of life

Pixel Art

Pixel art takes its inspiration from early computer games and video games. It has a very retro feel. Pixel art is made up of uniform squares, or pixels, combined to make a cohesive image. All images that are broadcast on computer or television screens are made up of thousands of tiny pixels, but with today’s technology, you can no longer see them individually.

Pixel art is very simplistic, but it can be difficult to create a realistic image. Start with a simple object, like a food item or a plant. Then, begin outlining the shape with tiny pixel squares. Then, fill it in with different colors of pixels to add detail. To help keep your squares uniform, you can even draw on a piece of graph paper. 

Doodle Art

You may be used to doodling as just something mindless you do when you’re bored in a meeting. But did you know you can actually create a cohesive piece of art from your doodles? Doodling has actually been shown to improve brain function, memory, and focus, so don’t feel guilty next time you find yourself scribbling in the margins of your textbook.

If you have a particular object you like to doodle, start with that.  Popular things to doodle are plants, animals, food, or toys. Keep adding more doodles until you fill up your page, leaving as little empty space as possible. Don’t worry about being too detailed; doodles look best when they’re simple. For each piece of doodle art, you can pick a theme to keep it cohesive, like objects of a certain color or your favorite foods.

Geometric Art

Geometric art is a type of abstract art based on geometric forms like lines, angles, and squares. It can be totally abstract, or it can depict a realistic object or person. Geometric art is a fun way to challenge yourself to avoid the curved, organic lines that most artists are comfortable with.

Geometric art requires a little bit of concentration to make sure all your lines and angles stay sharp. If you want to do something abstract, start with a geometric shape, like a triangle or square, and build on it with other geometric shapes. If you’re looking for something more realistic, start with a reference photo, and replace all the curved edges with sharp, angled lines. Geometric art doesn’t typically stick to a color scheme, so have fun with color here.

Graffiti-Style Art 

We’ve all seen graffiti plastered on the sides of walls or buildings in large cities. Artists have captured this style of large block letters and geometric objects and have incorporated it into an art style! Graffiti art mostly depicts words, but it can be incorporated into drawings or paintings of objects as well. It is characterized by bright colors and bold, blocky shapes.

If you’ve never tried graffiti-style art, start with a word. Write out the work in your normal handwriting. Then, outline each letter with a block letter. Have fun with this, and make the letter outlines touch each other, creating the overlapping effect that is popular in graffiti. Once you have all your letters outlined, add fun shading and bright colors. You can even add shadows underneath the outlines to make it really pop.

Mosaic Art

A mosaic is defined as a pattern or image composed of smaller pieces of colored glass, stone, or ceramic. Mosaics are really popular as floor or wall decorations and have been around since ancient times. If you don’t like to work with tiles or plaster, you can recreate a mosaic effect in a drawing or a painting.

To make a mosaic, it is best to start with an outline. Begin with something simple, like a plant or a piece of fruit. Then, begging to fill in the shape either with your small tiles or small shapes of a certain color. Don’t leave too much negative space between each tile or object. Begin filling in larger sections of color, and soon enough, your picture will begin to take shape. 

Old-School Tattoo Style

Old-school tattoo style is also known as Traditional American or Western Tattoo and was popularized by tattoo artists of the Mid-20th century. Picture a classic tattoo heart that says “Mom” with an arrow through it, and that captures the essence of this art style. Old-school tattoo style uses thick line art to make bold, graphic shapes. Popular imagery within this style includes pin-up girls, anchors, banners, stars, military symbols, and roses.

To create in this style, draw a simple subject outlined with a thick black brush or pen. Fill in the line work with mostly flat color, keeping shading minimal. Popular colors within this style are primary colors in muted tones, such as reds and yellows. Decorate around the image with small stars or banners for an extra pop. 

Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers is a great way for beginners to make realistic, detailed paintings, even if you’ve never painted before! Paint by numbers was invented in the 1920s but didn’t become popular until the 1950s. Paint by numbers involves filling in small, pre-designated sections with color to create a realistic portrait for beginners.

Pre-made paint by numbers kits are sold at a variety of stores, but these can be limiting to creativity. If you’re interested in a paint by numbers kit based on your own images, visit our website and check out our custom kits. Just upload any photo, and you’ll get a paint by numbers kit sent directly to your door with everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art.

Pop Art 

Pop art is a style of art that was popularized in the 1950s and is characterized by cartoonish subjects and bright colors. Pop art takes inspiration from popular culture and often depicts celebrities or characters seen in TV and movies. Andy Warhol is probably the most famous pop artist, and his pieces depicting Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell's Tomato Soup Can are great examples of pop art.

To draw in pop artist style, pick a simple object or character. Remember to let yourself be inspired by pop culture. Draw your object or character with a thick, black outline. Next, fill it in with solid color or simple patterns like stripes or dots. Don’t be afraid of bright, saturated colors. You can even outline the object again slightly off-center in a different shade to give it a 3D look.


There are so many styles of art in the world, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something brand new. Art is about fun and expression, and with so many different ways to express yourself, you really can’t go wrong. Make sure to check out our website for more inspiration and creativity tips.