Paint Your Numbers

Bringing Photos to a Canvas: Drawing and Painting your Memories

Photos are amazing. They help us to capture the most important, special, and happiest moments in our lives. Plus, they are great distractions at times. We’ve all had those days where we end up scrolling back through years of photos on our phones. Making photo albums, scrapbooks, and virtual albums are all things you can do to keep your photos safe.  But have you ever had a picture you love so much, you would do anything to keep it forever?

Maybe it’s a group picture of you and your best friends. Maybe it’s a rare picture of everyone in your family being together at once. Maybe you met someone famous and had a starstruck moment. Maybe you have a favorite picture of your dog. Whatever the photo (or photos) is, it’s a cherished memory that means something to you. It doesn’t matter so much what the photo is, but rather what its importance is to you. 

Of course, we always back up our phones and make sure our photos are saved. We can even print the pictures out to create photo boards, or we can keep them in a box under our bed. That’s great, but if you have a photo that is so incredibly important to you, shouldn’t you do something special to make sure you always have it and to make sure it can be on full display?

Bringing your photos to a canvas is a way to do just that. We aren’t just talking about any canvas where you upload a picture, and the company will just send you a finished canvas. Instead, we are talking about something way cooler and way more special: painting your own custom Paint Your Numbers canvas. 

How Can You Bring Your Photos To a Canvas?

If this sounds like an amazing idea for preserving your favorite photos, then you will need to know how you can bring your photos to a canvas. And here’s the good news: it is so easy, fast, and convenient. After you decide on the photo or multiple photos you want to turn into a paintable, custom canvas, you will head over to our website. From there, you’ll upload the image as a file.

Once it is uploaded, you will have two decisions to make. One is how big you want your canvas to be. Our sizes range from 12x16 inches to 20x20 inches. If you are going to be hanging this canvas on the wall, we recommend going with a larger size. If you are going to keep it on a desk, side table, or include it in a grouping of photos, then you should be fine to choose a smaller size. It is also personal preference and figuring out what will look good aesthetically in your home.  

The other decision you will have to make is how many paint colors you want to be included with your canvas. You have three options: 24, 36, or 48 colors. Whichever option you choose, your canvas will be vibrant, colorful, and detailed. The difference between the color options is just how much detail you want to be included. For example, if you choose 48 colors, there will be more accent colors. 

Now for the fun part. We will send you your image along with all the supplies you need to get working. You’ll see that on the canvas, your image is outlined in a light grey color. Each part of the image is sectioned off with numbers. These numbers will match up to the numbers on the paint. Choose the paint with the corresponding canvas numbers, and then you can start painting. 

Once you are finished, allow the paint to dry completely. Then you can have the canvas framed or hang it as is. Your favorite photo is now preserved forever as a beautiful and professional-looking painting! It is an easy process that will take the stress out of saving the special photos that you consider to be very important. 

What Are Some Good Reasons to Paint a Custom Canvas?

There are tons of good reasons why you should paint a custom canvas. As we already discussed, it is the best way to preserve your favorite photos and make them even more special than they already are on their own. Below, we have listed a few more reasons why you might want to paint a custom canvas. 

  1. For someone’s birthday: If you don’t know what to gift someone for their birthday, you definitely can’t go wrong with a custom painted memory! Choose the best photo of you and the person you are painting the canvas for. They will be so excited to open their gift, and we can guarantee they won’t have anything like it. 
  2. For an anniversary with your significant other: Seriously, can you think of anything sweeter than your significant other taking the time to hand-paint a custom canvas with a photo of the two of you together? If you’ve got an anniversary coming up (or Valentine’s Day), you should definitely drop a hint to them! Or, take matters into your own hands and paint one for them. Who said romance is dead? 
  3. In memory of someone special: Whether it’s for a gift or for yourself, there aren’t many things that can preserve a memory of someone quite like a beautiful painting. If it is for you, then painting the canvas will be therapeutic. If it is for someone else who has lost a loved one, they will cherish it because it is such a thoughtful and special gift. 
  4. As a housewarming present: If you have a friend or family member who recently moved into a new home, a custom canvas painting will make the best housewarming present for them. You could take a picture of their new place and paint that, or choose a photo that has a lot of meaning for the person who will be receiving the painting. Either way, they will be appreciative because they’re getting a new and personal piece of art. 

If you don’t have any of these occasions happening in your life, then here is the best reason of all why you should paint a custom canvas: because it is so much fun! Yes, it will take time and effort, but the painting itself is so enjoyable. Not only that, but painting can also help you relax, unwind, and focus. It’s also a great hobby to help you pass the time. 

Do You Have to Be An Artist to Paint a Custom Canvas?

Nope, you do not have to be an artist to paint a custom canvas. People of all skill levels, including those who have never painted before, are able to turn their photos into a canvas and paint their memories. Our canvases are made to be user-friendly because we want the average person to have fun painting and to be able to create a cool art project. 

If you have never painted before, don’t be intimidated. Trust us; it’s not hard when you have the numbers acting as an outline for you! The only thing you have to do is focus, but besides that, there are no rules to follow. 


If you have photos that are important to you and that you consider to be some of your favorite memories, then you should think about turning them into a custom canvas painting. We know that you can easily print, save, or download your images, but that is simply not the same. A truly special picture should be displayed in a unique and eye-catching way. 

Bringing your photos to a canvas is also a very easy process. We help to make sure things go smoothly and to make sure the canvas is ready to go when it arrives. We provide you with all the necessary tools and whatever you will need for the painting process. That way, all you have to focus on is the painting! Painting can be therapeutic, relaxing, and so much fun. So the next time you have a special or important photo you want to last a lifetime, consider painting your memories with a custom canvas!