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How Much to Spend on Wedding Gift: Gift-Giving Etiquette

Wedding gift-giving is just like other gifting—it’s difficult to know what to get and how much to spend. You don’t want to go way over the top (for the sake of your wallet), but you also want to show the newlyweds how excited you are for their recent tying of the knot. 

Here at Paint Your Numbers, we understand that stressing over giving the perfect gift is a real thing! Before you take the dive on a final purchase, let’s talk about gift-giving etiquette and what gifts are good options to give. 

Rules To Follow

We wish we could give you a set-in-stone rule-book for wedding gift-giving, but sadly, that doesn’t exist. However, we can provide you with the top rules we believe won’t lead you astray. 

1. Buy From The Registry

Wedding gift etiquette 101—when in doubt, buy from the registry; it’s there for a reason! Nine  out of ten soon-be-weds have specially curated registries complete with all the items they hope to get. There are usually around 100-125 items on the list, so there should be no issues with you being able to stay within the creative boundaries. 

If you stick to the registry, there is no way you’ll get them something they don’t like.

2. Bed, Bath, and Kitchen Items Are Always Good

You might feel boring or basic gifting anything for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, but you shouldn’t. All of those basic items are essential to growing a new home together. Sometimes a funky dining set or swanky cups can work wonders for a new space. 

Plus, if you examine their registry closely, we’re sure you’ll get a solid grasp of their style.

Most couples today want a modern twist on traditional items. So, think stainless steel stand mixers and waffles makers. What’s the best part about gifting them something to use in the kitchen? They’ll think of you every time they whip up a delicious treat.

When it comes to bed and bath, don’t be scared to take it up a notch by going deluxe on these items. Make their new night-time routine feel like a spa day, and help their bedroom give off hotel vibes every morning. 

3. Don’t Be Scared To Group Gift

This one might take you by surprise, but we encourage group gifts. Group gifts are great because you can still spoil your loved ones without going completely broke. Get with some of the other guests and pick a big-ticket item on the registry.

It makes sense that most married couples say group-gifts are their favorite. After all, they can’t afford those big-ticket items on their own—that’s why they’re on their registry.

If you’re part of the bridal party, it’s always smart to talk with the other members and see if they’re down to pitch in on one of the luxury items on the list. 

4. Send It Within Two Months

We’ve all heard the one-year rumor, but let’s be honest—with the convenience of online registries and 2-day shipping, there’s really no excuse to make the newlyweds wait for more than a few months.

The sweet spot is about one month after the wedding. You don’t want to send it too soon because they’ll most likely be gone on their honeymoon.

One month post-wedding is perfect because they should be back from their romantic getaway, and then receiving all their wedding gifts will take them back to their special day. 

How Much To Spend

We talked about what to buy and when to buy it—now let’s talk about how much you should and shouldn’t spend. 

It Depends On Your Relationship With The Bride and Groom 

This can get tricky as it depends on whose wedding you’re going to and how well you know them. If it’s your best friend since grade school, you should probably spend more of them than a co-worker you barely know. 

But for general wedding gift etiquette, try not to spend less than $50. 

  • Close Friend: $150+
  • Friend or Relative: $100-$125
  • Co-Worker, Distant Family-Friend, or Distant Relative: $50—$100

Is It Okay To Give Cash At A Wedding?

There’s no problem giving cash as a wedding gift. Since most Millenials are getting married later in life and already have stocked houses, many actually prefer cash.

What If You Can’t Attend The Wedding

What do you do If you can’t attend the ceremony but aren’t sure if you should still send a gift? Again, it depends on your relationship with the couple. If it’s a close friend, then we suggest sending something their way. But, if it a co-worker or distant family member, a nice note should be sufficient. 

Should You Bring The Gift To The Wedding? 

Traditionally this is reserved for people that only bought something that wasn’t on the registry. So if you purchased from their registry, just have it shipped to their house—it’s much easier for everyone that way. 

When in doubt, scan the wedding website; most likely, they’ll have instructions for most things you’re unsure of. 

Go-To Gifts

Sometimes all the good gifts on the registry are already bought up, and sometimes you want to gift them something a bit more thoughtful and unique than new-knives. Even if it seems like the bride already has everything, there’s a special gift out there for the couple. 

Paint Your Numbers Kit

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a bit more sentimental, then consider sending in your favorite photo of the bride and groom, and we’ll take care of the rest! They can have fun together painting the image, and when they’re done, they’ll have a gorgeous painting to remember their special day by. 

Tip: Consider adding a Paint Your Numbers Kit to a bigger gift to add that sentimental touch you were trying for. 


For a wedding gift, you can never go wrong with a few bottles of wine. If you’re in a rut on what to get, and the registry suggestions aren’t doing it for you—send the happy couple wine to help bring up their spirits after dealing with all the post-wedding mayhem. 

Sweet Treats

Nearly everyone has a sweet tooth. If you know the bride or groom has a special love for chocolate, consider gifting them a box. 

It might seem silly for them to splurge on a box of decadent truffles themselves—but it’s different if someone buys it for them.

Personalized Spices

Spices are one thing that everyone forgets off their grocery list, especially if you’re in the process of moving in together. 

Gift the bride and groom a rack full of their favorite spices, and they’ll be all set to get cooking in their new kitchen. 

In Conclusion

We’ve touched-base on everything you need to know; now you have the knowledge to go out and buy the happy couple the most bomb gift you could think (while still having proper gift-giving etiquette). We know gift-giving can get tricky, not to mention expensive—but as long as you stay within the price categories we presented, then anything you spend on the newlyweds should feel fair. 


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