Paint Your Numbers

Paint by Numbers for Kids

Paint by numbers is exactly what it sounds like. It's a simple painting technique that relies on identifying patterns and helps to enhance children's development.

Children paint on a pre-printed stretched canvas. Once they are done filling in all the colors, the final picture emerges. 

When painting by numbers, children have to follow a system of numbers. Each color has a specific number assigned to it, and this tells them what color to put in a particular section of the picture.

Paint by numbers kits for children often use vibrant and playful colors and make for some lovely paint fun.

However, as a parent, you might be rightfully concerned about several things related to paint-by-number kits. And we will address all your concerns in this article. We will also tell you the benefits of letting your child play with a paint-by-number kit!

What age is appropriate for starting to paint by numbers with children?

You can start your kids on paint-by-number kits at age 4. As they grow older, you can get them more complex kits. 

Kids paint on different furniture all around the house. And if you want to prevent that, a paint-by-number kit is a great idea. It will distract your kid and give them a real canvas for their art. 

That's an added advantage of using a paint-by-number kit.

You can even display your children's art. You can hang it on the wall, in your office, or on the fridge.

Starting to paint by numbers with children

Putting it on a wall may require some hanging accessories. Some kits already come with the necessary accessories to make it easy for you to hang the painting on the wall. This way, you can showcase your child's artwork for the world to see. They make for the most wholesome decorative pieces. 

And the best part is that now you can get custom paint-by-number kits. That's right. Your kids can choose any picture they want and convert it into a paint-by-numbers kit.

Adults can also pick out pictures at Paint Your Numbers if they want a custom paint-by-number kit. It can be a very fun experience because of the painting's relaxing nature.

Painting is much more vibrant and colorful than pencil color and stands out from any distance. Additionally, a painted picture also looks better displayed.

How to spark a kid's interest in painting by numbers?

The best way to attract a kid to painting is to paint together with them. Watching us do something helps them learn better. Children tend to mimic what we are doing. And that way, they will start painting, too.

It is an artistic parent's dream to watch their child become interested in painting. If your child has a small attention span, it's best to paint with them.

Get three paint brushes. You can use one for yourself and give one to your child. The last one can be a spare brush if they destroy the first one.

Now, you can start painting in all the difficult areas, and your child can paint in the easier parts.

Interest in painting

Not only will it build their interest in painting, but it will also be a very rewarding experience. You will bond together, and the masterpiece will be ready sooner for you to proudly display it!

Is paint by numbers good for learning?

It's an excellent way to teach children about art and painting. It has many different benefits for the child's brain development. 

However, there's something you need to watch out for. Some of the additional supplies the paint-by-numbers kit includes can be a choking hazard for children.

Working with colorful and fun shapes

Therefore, keep an eye out on your child while they are painting. You will see that they will love working with colorful and fun shapes. 

Benefits of paint by numbers for kids

There are many different cognitive and psychological benefits of painting for kids. It helps them create crafts that express their intuitiveness and allows their creativity to flourish. 

Here are a few of the benefits of painting by numbers for children. 

Perfect for beginners and adults 

A painting-by-number kit is very easy to use for beginners. This develops confidence and encourages your child's interest in art. 

Art can be intimidating for children at first. That's why starting them off with something easy, like a paint-by-number kit, is a great idea. It's not just for the younger children. Even teens just starting to learn art can benefit from a paint-by-number kit.

Perfect for beginners and adults

However, there's an advantage to starting early. Younger children can absorb the different artistic elements as they go along without having to "learn" them. That way, they will feel more connected to the art.

And as they age, you can start teaching them more complex techniques using acrylic paints and more. 

Your child doesn't need any special skills. All they have to know how to do is hold a brush and use acrylic paint with it. 

The arts and crafts kids kit is a great starter for any young artist. 

Nourishes creativity

Some paint-by-number kits allow kids to use whatever color they want. That encourages creativity and critical thinking in children. 

At first, giving children numbers set for each color may sound robotic. And we are just asking them to use the same acrylic paint as the number. 

But if you want to nourish your child's creativity, you can get them a kit that allow the painter more freedom. You can start with basic paint-by-number kits and gradually increase the complexity.

Nourishes creativity

There are kits with complete landscapes that your child can paint in. These are great for teens. 

And once your child is confident in their skills, you can give them a blank canvas and ask them to create their masterpiece. Just ensure you are not monitoring your child while they are painting independently. Allow them to be creative and truly explore. 

Hones hand-eye coordination and motor skills

Paint-by-number kits help the kids develop better motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children learn how to hold paint brushes. They also learn how to mix paint, apply it without dripping, and use it precisely in very narrow areas.

Hones hand-eye coordination and motor skills

Great hand-eye coordination also helps in improving your child's productivity and creativity. It improves their reaction time and their athletic ability. In turn, this makes your children better at sports too. 

Following instructions properly

Paint by numbers kits also teach kids how to follow instructions to achieve a goal. 

Follow instructions to achieve a goal

For instance, they learn how how to paint from top to bottom. That prevents the paint from getting smudged when painting a higher part of the picture. 

Improves EQ and confidence

Painting a whole picture is a big task, but paint by numbers kits divide images into manageable bits. When the children finish, they feel confident and accomplished. 

It might appear daunting when the children see that they have to paint a full picture. However, if we break it down into small parts for them, it will become easy to manage.

Improves EQ and confidence

This will help children understand they can easily manage stress by breaking down projects into smaller pieces. Moreover, it improves their confidence and helps build their self-esteem. 

It is a great way to bond

Painting is a fun activity that you can use to bond with your kid. You can also let your child paint with other kids. This helps in forming and fostering friendships.

Your child learns how to become a better painter by watching you. 

And you can also invite other kids for a painting playdate. Kids can get together and play with all the colors. It's a fun way for the children to become friends. And it helps introverted kids. That's because it's easier for them to interact with others while they are not the center of attention. 

Keeps your children happy

And lastly, painting by numbers keeps your child entertained. This keeps them happy and improves their mood. 

There are so many playful colors in the paint-by-numbers kits. These include bright pinks, bold yellows, and whatnot. These colors stimulate a child's brain and can help with brain development.

Keeps your children happy

Moreover, these kits are like completing a puzzle. When children see the final product, they have a feeling of accomplishment. 

Imagine how happy your child would be if they managed to paint a vibrant watermelon using acrylic paint all by themselves.

Takeaway: Where to buy paint by numbers kits?

Paint-by-number kits have numerous advantages for your children. They help with brain development, improve confidence, and nourish creativity. 

They also improve your child's mood and keep them entertained, while improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills in a fun way. 

Now, if you are wondering where to find a good paint-by-numbers kit, we have you covered. You can order a custom canvas at Paint Your Numbers. This means that you can convert any picture you want into a paint-by-number kit. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your paint-by-number kit now!