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Thank You Gift Ideas

Saying thank you can be hard. Especially when someone has gone the extra mile to make you feel especially loved, noticed, and appreciated. Sometimes simply saying thank you just doesn’t feel like enough. We can say thank you with a card, or some flowers, or a balloon, but even that feels lackluster at times.

Whether you are saying thank you to your supportive best friend for showing up on a hard night, to your parents for their constant support, or to your partner for making you feel special, the list of thank yous that you’re giving out is endless. Maybe you just want to say thank you to someone for being in your life. Who knows?

But like I said, sometimes just saying thank you feels too puny and understated. Maybe you just want to go all out and make a grand gesture and have an urge to do something extra special. 

That means that a personalized thank you gift is the way to go! We all know that getting a gift feels great, but giving one may feel even better and make that thank you so much more special.

Why a Gift? 

When you go out of your way to be kind, you never really expect anything in return. But if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a thank you gift, you know the feeling of gratitude and appreciation that stems from it. Not to mention that giving someone a gift as a way of saying thank you just feels so good all on its own!

Gift-giving is proven to have significant benefits to an individual's mental and physical health. Studies suggest that gift-giving can have significant positive health impacts on individuals, especially those with chronic illnesses. Not to mention, studies suggest that people who were more giving and generous had a higher life expectancy than those who were not. 

These health benefits can be closely linked to the stress-relieving properties of being generous and giving to others. Giving just makes us feel good, by releasing endorphins and relieves stress. The overall positive impact it has on a person's well-being is undeniable.

If you have ever heard of the five love languages, you may know that gift-giving is one of them. Many people give and receive love through gifts. 

There are many reasons that individuals recognize gift-giving as their love language, but it can be primarily linked to the intentionality of selecting a special gift for someone. It can help promote and create a strong connection, even in non-romantic relationships. 

A thank you gift doesn’t have to be an expensive diamond necklace, or a fancy pair of shoes, or even flowers. Sometimes a more personalized and thoughtful gift is the way to go!

The Perfect Gift

Paint Your Numbers is the perfect thank you gift idea for so many reasons! Let’s break it down:

Everyone loves a personalized gift. The thoughtful nature of a personalized gift makes them that much more special. And Paint Your Number is so customizable that you can give it to anyone! You can give one to your mom, dad, sibling, partner, bestie, or long-lost cousin!

Not to mention, in light of this global pandemic, everyone under the sun is trying to find new and exciting ways to pass the time. Why not do that with a Paint By Numbers kit?

Paint Your Number It is all about preserving special memories, while simultaneously creating a beautiful piece of artwork. 

The opportunities are endless when it comes to Paint Your Numbers. We’ve got a few ideas for different gifts that you can give to different people in your life to help them appreciate your thank you that much more. 

For Your Partner

Has your partner been exceptionally sweet lately? Have they gone out of their way to make you feel special, and do you want to return the favor?

Why not a personalized Paint Your Numbers Canvas of the both of you from your favorite memory together? Not only is this a long-lasting gift that you can cherish for years to come, but it is also a fun project for you both to work on together. Perhaps it can be a part of your daily quarantine routine!

For Your Siblings

Whether it’s your younger sibling, older sibling, or a brother from another mother, siblings are special. Considering that they have to keep up with all your funny business, we’re sure they deserve a little extra something. 

To say thank you, you could give your sibling a personalized paint by numbers canvas of your favorite childhood picture together. You could make it extra special and throw in a DIY canvas frame so that they can hang it front and center in their home. 

Nothing says “Thank you; I love you” to your sibling more than a personalized picture of you two up to no good.

For Your Parents

Parents may be the most deserving of a thank you gift (and probably the least likely to get one, if we’re honest).

Parents tend to be sentimental and sappy, especially when it comes to their kids. So, what better way to show your thanks than giving them a family photo paint by numbers kit? Or maybe a picture of their grandbabies (if they have any)?

This painting will be a lifelong gift, and the authentic look of a paint by numbers canvas just adds that extra special touch. If this doesn’t bring your mom to tears, I don’t know what will.

For Your Besties

Do you want to thank your bestie for literally being the best? Every best friend has at least one friend trip that went down in history. Getting them a Paint By Numbers customized to a picture from that trip will allow them to relive it every single day.

Honestly, who doesn't want to relive their favorite best friend trip while creating a beautiful canvas?

Maybe you want to say thank you to your cousin, neighbor, or coworker. Think about getting them a Paint Your Numbers Gift Card. It is a perfect option for someone you may not have a lot of pictures with or maybe someone you don't know as well, but you want to make them feel special. 

With this meaningful gift, that person can select their own lasting memory. Maybe they want to have one of their dogs or cats. Maybe their wedding day, graduation or of their family. Maybe they love photography and want to order one of their favorite landscapes that they've captured. The list is endless, which is why a gift card is the perfect thank you gift for those people that you might not know so well.


Moral of the story: everyone loves to receive gifts, and everyone can agree that giving a gift feels great, especially when it’s to say thank you to someone near and dear to your heart. 

Nothing says thank you more than a personalized, customizable lifelong gift like a Paint By Number. It is meaningful, interactive, and extremely personal. Next time you want to say thank you to someone, we highly recommend you consider possibly the best gift possible. A Paint Your Numbers Customizable Canvas, DIY Frame, or a gift card! 

Be sure to let us know about the next special gift you give from Paint Your Numbers. To learn more about Paint Your Numbers, and for more amazing gift-giving ideas, remember to visit our website.


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