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Things To Do On Valentine's Day: How To Make This Year One To Remember

Planning a date for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure. You want to do something fun and memorable, but also something unique. It can be expensive to go out on Valentine’s Day, and popular restaurants are sure to be booked up weeks in advance. How do you plan a date that will wow your partner and give them a night to remember?

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show how much you care for your partner. But the fear of disappointing them can sometimes be paralyzing. People all around the country will break the bank trying to impress their significant other. This past year, around $2 billion was spent on candy and chocolates, $2 billion on flowers, and $4.1 billion on jewelry

But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an impact with your partner. In fact, studies have shown that people prefer handmade, heartfelt gifts, rather than just expensive or lavish ones (although those are usually appreciated, too). When planning your Valentine’s Day date this year, focus on creating memorable experiences that allow you and your significant other to spend quality time together. Your date will be much more enjoyable, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. 

We’ve collected some wonderful Valentine’s Day date ideas, most of which can be done right from the comfort of your own home! These dates will ensure that this Valentine’s Day is one you and your partner never forget. 

Complete An Art Project Together

Creating an art project with your partner allows you to bond while expressing yourself creatively. It’s tons of fun and be customized to what you and your partner enjoy doing. There are an endless variety of art projects you can do, customizable to a wide range of skill levels and materials needed. Plus, once you’re finished, you’ll have a physical expression of your love that you can display in your home.

Completing a paint by numbers kit is a fun and easy way to create a realistic portrait with your partner, regardless of experience or skill level. Paint Your Numbers offers customizable paint by numbers kits, complete with everything you need to create a portrait from one of your personal photos. Select a photo that’s meaningful to you and your partner, and not only will you have a fun date night while completing it, you’ll also have a one-of-a-kind piece of art to hang up once you’ve finished.

At-Home Trivia Night 

Competing in a trivia challenge with your partner is not only fun; it’s actually scientifically proven to bring you closer together. Successful teamwork has been linked to the release of oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is a powerful chemical, and when released in the brain, it’s linked to feelings of happiness, trust, stress relief, and love. When you engage in team-building activities with your partner, it will bring you closer together and help you bond immensely. 

There are tons of ways you can play trivia games at home. There are special apps you can download, and you can even play with friends in other locations. Or, you and your partner can create custom trivia questions based on events in your relationship. Ask each other questions such as “where did we go on our first date?” or “what was the first movie we watched together?” You’ll be able to test your knowledge, and it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane. 

Cooking Challenge

Instead of going out for dinner, challenge your partner to an at-home cookoff! You’ll sharpen your culinary skills, engage in some healthy competition, and you’ll get to eat some really amazing food. 

You can structure your cooking challenge around a few different courses. You and your partner can each prepare a cocktail, an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert and decide together who wins each round and who prepared the best overall meal. Or, you can decide on a secret ingredient for each other and see who can do the best job incorporating that ingredient into their dish. 

Go Vintage Shopping

Paying a visit to a local vintage market or thrift store is a fun and inexpensive date activity. You and your partner can spend hours searching for hidden gems, and you can even split up and try to find surprise items for each other. 

You can also put together an outfit for the other person to wear out on a date night. Thrift shopping is fairly inexpensive, and you can discover precious, unique pieces that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. 

Drive-In Movie

When you think of drive-in movies, you probably picture something out of the 1950s. While drive-in movie theaters aren’t as widespread as they once were, there are still locations all around the United States. Companies will also sometimes rent out empty lots and screen movies on inflatable screens. Do some research, and you may be surprised to find a drive-in movie screening somewhere nearby. 

Drive-in movies are fun and cozy. You can often bring your own snacks and beverages from home. If you want to go the extra mile, stack pillows and blankets in your backseat and snuggle up with your sweetie while you watch the film. 

If you can’t find any drive-ins locally, you can even host your own! Rent an inflatable screen and project the movie of your choice in your backyard. Invite your friends and neighbors to park and enjoy the nostalgic drive-in movie experience. 

Hike and Picnic 

If the weather is nice, plan a scenic hike with your partner at a local trail. Depending on your location, you can hike through the mountains, along the beach, or even through a national park. Customize your route based on you and your partner’s athletic ability and hiking experience. 

Research picnic spots along your planned route, and pack your partner’s favorite foods. Pick things that are fairly portable, such as sandwiches, salads, fruit, and baked goods. Once you reach a scenic picnic spot, spread out a blanket, relax, eat, and enjoy the view. 

Breakfast In Bed

It may sound like a cliche, but preparing breakfast in bed for your partner is a fun surprise and a great way to set the tone for the day. Waking up a little bit early to prepare breakfast for your partner also shows them that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

Brainstorm your loved one’s favorite breakfast foods, and prepare them a variety of items to ensure they have what they’re in the mood for. Present their breakfast on a tray with some juice, coffee, and even a few flowers if you’re feeling fancy. No matter what type of food you prepare, you’re sure to wow your partner with the thoughtful gesture.


You truly don’t need to spend tons of money on lavish gifts and expensive restaurants to have a memorable Valentine’s Day. Focus on experiences that allow you to have fun and spend quality time with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you go out or stay in, spend hundreds of dollars or nothing at all. What matters is that you show your partner how much you care for them and put in the effort to give them a memorable, enjoyable day.

To learn more about Paint Your Numbers, visit us online here. We offer custom paint by numbers canvases and frames. We also publish articles and art tutorials that will help you embrace your creativity and engage in the healing power of artistic expression. 


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