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20 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom Who Have Everything

Wedding gifts can be the hardest to pick out. Yes, most newlyweds have a registry, but sometimes you want to give them something a bit more unique—not to mention it can be even harder if all the good gifts on the registry have already been purchased. Plus, some couples seem like they already have it all. 

That’s why, here at Paint Your Numbers, we think the sentimental and unique approach is your best bet. If you need some ideas on what to get the happy couple, then keep on reading!

1. Wine Cooler and Cheese Board Set

There’s something so romantic about a picnic complete with wine and cheese. Give the newlyweds a reason to go on a romantic picnic date. 

Post-wedding times can be hectic and can cause stress. This gift is the perfect way to get the lovebirds to sit back and relax after a busy couple of months.

2. Personalized Kitchen Set

While they probably already have plenty of kitchen supplies, they probably don’t have any personalized ones. Gift personalized kitchenware that’s specially engraved with their new last name. 

3. Embroidered Wedding Blanket 

Their wedding is a day they’ll remember forever, so why not get them a personalized cozy afgan to decorate their new home? This will last the happy couple years. Who knows: maybe it will be a family heirloom.

4. Customized Mixologist Cocktail Shaker 

Shake things up a bit by gifting a customized cocktail shaker. Not only will it make delicious drinks, but it doubles as a neat decoration for their bar area. 

5. Bar Cart 

Speaking of drinks—anyone would be happy to get gifted a bar cart, and we doubt any other guest has beat you to this one. 

Don’t be shy to stock it with their favorite wines and whiskeys, too—you can even pair it with cocktail mixers to add that personalized touch. 

6. Paint Your Numbers Kit

While we’re sure the happy couple has tons of photos of each other hung around their home, we doubt they have a unique painting they did together. 

Paint Your Numbers is a great gift that is extra sentimental. Plus, it doubles as a fun activity they can enjoy together. Does it get any better than that? 

7. Do One Thing A Day Together Journal 

What better gift than one that they can enjoy together? With the craziness post-wedding days bring, it can be easy to fall out of touch; make sure their relationship stays grounded by gifting this fun journal. 

It’s perfect because it shows you care without you having to break the bank. Studies show that the wedding gift industry racked up 76 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 alone. Don’t feel like you have to overspend to show someone what they mean to you. 

8. Their First Christmas Ornament 

Every family Christmas tree needs a wedding ornament. Gift a personalized and unique wedding ornament to the newlyweds, complete with their names and the wedding date. 

They’ll get plenty of gifts post-wedding, but this way, every holiday season, they’ll be grateful for your relationship. 

9. New Wall Art 

What couple doesn’t want new spunky wall art, and what better person to buy it than a good friend that’ll know just what to get? 

This is especially good if they move into a new place, too—kick start their decorating with this gift. 

10. Date Night Cookbook 

We all know that couple that loves the kitchen—and let’s be honest, you may be a little envious of them too. Everyone wishes they had the motivation to cook at home 7 days a week, right?

Gift your two favorite chefs a date night cookbook they can enjoy together. 

11. Engraved Spoons 

If your friends love ice cream as much as most people do, then engraved spoons are the perfect gift. They’re adorable, sentimental, and practical. They’ll love reflecting on their special day every time they use these spoons. 

12. Milestone Wine Labels 

If you’re going for unique, then milestone wine labels are the gift for you to give. These customizable labels can stick onto any bottle of wine. 

Stick to labels like their First Anniversary, First Big-Purchase, First Baby, or First Christmas. Help the happy couple celebrate all their firsts the right way.

13. Personalized Lyrics Canvas 

Every couple holds the song of their first dance near and dear to their heart. Consult the bride or groom beforehand and ask what their special song is. 

Next, get a canvas specially made for them to commemorate the memory of their first dance with the lyrics of the song.

14. His and Hers Ring Dish Set 

Simple and chic—you can’t go wrong with his and hers ring dish sets. These are affordable, but also one of the most practical gifts there is. 

15. Customized Couples Beer Mugs 

Let’s talk about the beer lover couples! If the bride and groom-to-be are the couples that love to hang around their local brewery or indulge in an after-work brew, then this is the gift for them.

16. Custom Wooden Decor 

Most registries will have all the practical items the couple wants—kitchen supplies or other household items. Have fun with your gift and give them something that’ll make them feel proud of their new last name. 

Gift a custom wooden sign that has their name and the wedding date. It can be the centerpiece of their new home —and we’re sure they'll light up in a smile every time they see it. 

17. A Cork Globe 

Perfect for the travelers (or the ones that plan on upping their traveling game post-wedding). Get them a cork globe they can display on their mantle. They can add a pin each time they go to a new place together and be reminded of the fun memories each time they see it. 

Tip: Get a special colored pin for their honeymoon destination. 

18. Couples Robes 

Every couple wants to cozy-up together. Surprise them with two good-quality robes they can enjoy together. 

Consider pairing it with some at-home spa essentials too. Newlyweds want to be together as much as possible—give them an excuse to enjoy an at-home spa-day, just the two of them.

19. Couples Massage 

While at-home spa days are nice, sometimes a professionally done massage is more of a treat. If you think they’ll want an excuse to get out of their house, then give them a luxury couples massage so they can unwind together. 

20. Movie Theatre Gift Card 

Now that many movie theatres are starting to open again you can give the newlyweds a reason to get out by gifting a gift card to their favorite theatre.

In Conclusion 

Weddings are up on the list of best events to attend. Everyone loves to see their friends or family members happy and in love. Don’t let the stress of buying the perfect gift damper your excitement for their big day. Weddings are all about love, so as long as the bride and groom gifts you give are filled with that sentiment, we're sure they'll be happy with them.


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