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21 Best Paint by Numbers for Beginners (Read This First!)

Paint-by-numbers kits are a delightful mix of relaxation, creativity, and nostalgia. Even for complete novices, these kits provide a perfect gateway to a fulfilling journey of artistic expression.

Many beginners tend to pick a too simple painting because they doubt their skills and want to complete it quickly. However, it might not give them the sense of accomplishment you were after. 

Therefore, you must carefully choose your DIY paint-by-number art. It should be simple enough that it does not intimidate you while having subtle complexities that enable you to learn as you go.

To get the most out of your experience, you must be mindful of choosing the proper paint-by-number paintings. You don’t want to get too complex a painting that will stress you out if you are a beginner. At the same time, the painting should give you enough challenge to keep you interested.

We strongly suggest being careful when choosing your paint-by-numbers kit. The ideal canvas for you should be simple and not require a lot of blending or mixing of colors. Instead, choose a piece of art with larger areas to paint. It will help develop the brushing and blending skills to handle more complex pieces later in your journey.

While you can order a paint-by-number custom picture from PaintYourNumbers, we highly recommend starting with our curated collection of beginner-friendly images. The collection contains paintings depicting animals, cityscapes, nature, people, etc.

Let’s look at twenty-one of the best paint-by-number pictures perfect for beginners. These meticulously chosen pictures perfectly balance simplicity and a satisfying challenge. They are designed to ignite your creative instinct and push the boundaries of your artistic prowess, ensuring a fulfilling and engaging painting experience.

1. Tropical leaves

Tropical leaves

The Tropical Leaves paint-by-numbers kit from PaintYourNumbers is one of the best ones to start your paint-by-number journey. It is a simple painting with an acrylic paint set with shades of green, yellow, beige, and large areas to help beginners hone their paint brush techniques.

The variety of leaves in the picture creates this fantastic collage of soothing and refreshing greenery. If you are a novice just starting in the world of paint-your-numbers, we highly recommend choosing tropical leaves as one of your first.

2. Small lake at dawn

Small lake at dawn

As the title suggests, this is a beautiful landscape depicting a small lake at dawn! The painting has large single-color areas, making it incredibly beginner friendly. You don't need advanced paint brushes or techniques to get the effect; staying within the lines and using the right colors will do the job.

The final product is a surprisingly intricate piece you would love to display for your friends and family to see. If you are new to paint-by-numbers crafts, we highly recommend this piece as it is easy and satisfying at the same time.

3. Beach scene poster

Beach scene poster

If you love the sand and the beach, this piece is what you want to begin your paint-by-number journey with. The piece has everything, the blue skies, the sea, the beach; you name it!

The Beach scene paint-by-numbers kit is one of our top picks for beginners because it has larger areas and requires a minimal blending of acrylic paint to get the desired effect. 

Even if you haven't developed your brushing technique, you can still finish this beautiful piece quickly. In addition, it has enough challenging parts to keep you interested in seeing how the piece turns out.

4. Colorful dog head

Colorful dog head

Paint-by-number is one of the best techniques to create beautiful pop-art style portraits. The Colorful dog head is a relatively straightforward painting, focusing on the central subject. 

The simplicity allows you to concentrate on mastering fundamental techniques. You learn to blend high-quality acrylic paints, apply brushstrokes, and build up layers with this piece.

Moreover, we love using bold, contrasting, high-quality paints in the paint-by-numbers kit that enhances the overall visual appeal. It adds an exciting element to the painting process. 

The painting also allows beginners the possibility to experiment with various hues and shading techniques, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic finished artwork.

5. Orca water

Orca water

Who doesn't love orcas, right? With this super beginner-friendly paint-by-numbers kit with bug areas and a simple design, there is no need to worry about getting lost in the intricacies. Instead, follow the numbered areas and see this majestic beast come to life right before you!

The paint-by-numbers kit also allows you to practice your blending and brushstroke techniques. With vibrant shades of blue and splashes of white, you will feel like you are diving into an ocean of creativity. Trust us; the painting will make you smile whenever you pick up your brush.

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6. Paris street vendors

Paris street vendors

Another one of the best paint-by-number canvases we offer. The painting takes you strolling through the streets of Paris, surrounded by charming vendors and colorful market stalls, capturing the lively atmosphere perfectly!

In this paint-by-numbers kit, you will love the pastel-colored buildings and the rain-soaked streets. The intricate details in the picture will keep you interested without overcomplicating things. 

The Paris Street Vendors paint-by-number kit lets you unleash creativity while building your skills. It is a splendid way to learn and have a blast simultaneously.

7. Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington

Are you a fan of the legendary rock band Linkin Park? Then this painting is just for you. The image beautifully captures the spirit and energy of Chester Bennington, the band's lead vocalist. 

It is an excellent paint-by-number kit for getting started in portraits, especially as it is a simple portrait with large single-color areas and requires less blending of vibrant acrylic paints.

You will love the splash of vivid colors and the dynamics of the portrait. The bold colors make this pop-art style portrait a dream for any paint-by-numbers beginner. It brilliantly captures the intensity of Chester's unique style and pays homage to his legacy.

8. Panda family

Panda family

What is cuter than a panda? How about two? This adorable paint-by-number painting is one of the best ones for beginners. The paint-by-numbers kits primarily contain shades of black, gray, and white acrylic paints, making it one of the more straightforward artworks to finish. 

In addition, this painting captures the panda family's amusing and heart-warming moments, from playful cuddles to goofy expressions.

And don't forget about the sheer joy of those black panda eyes—they beg you to add your artistic flair and make them shine with character! So, if you want to embark on your paint-by-number journey with these two chubsters, we say go for it!

9. Poppy flowers

Poppy flowers

One of the proven methods to get good at painting is to keep challenging yourself. So if you want something of a challenge to get your creative juices flowing, the Poppy Flowers paint kit from PaintYourNumbers might be the one for you.

These flowers, with bright red and orange petals, are a sight to behold. We are sure that once you finish this piece of art, you will love to show it off to your friends and family. In addition, you learn shading and brushstroke techniques from this piece.

If you are a novice trying to improve your skills, the poppy flower is a great place to start painting.

10. Venice canal

Venice canal

Venice is renowned for its breathtaking colors and unique atmosphere. This paint-by-number kit lets you immerse yourself in that magical ambiance. It beautifully captures the essence of the city’s charming canals. You see the gondolas gracefully gliding along the water and colorful buildings lining the shore.

The vibrant facades, with their shimmering reflections on the water, create a dance of color that is satisfying to paint. We are certain you will love exploring different hues bringing depth to your artwork.

11. Village lake afternoon

Village lake afternoon

Another great piece of DIY paint-by-numbers kit is the Village Lake Afternoon. The image captures the tranquility of a rural landscape nestled by a peaceful lake, surrounded by lush countryside. 

You will love this picturesque, charming, and inviting scene. Besides, as a beginner, you can practice brushstrokes and color blending techniques using this image.

12. Lavender field

Lavender field

The soothing ambiance and mesmerizing colors of this paint-by-numbers kit are something else. The vibrant purple flowers compliment the gentle green of the foliage to create an enchanting landscape that is as satisfying to the soul as it is fun to paint.

With every stroke of your paintbrush, you will get a feeling of calm wash over you with this masterpiece.

As a beginner, painting this kit allows you to immerse yourself in the peacefulness of nature. You find joy in every brushstroke while learning valuable lessons in shading, contrast, and shadows along the way.

13. Happy scene

Happy scene


The image captures a happy countryside scene, brimming with charm and positivity. The paint-by-numbers kit is all about celebrating the beauty of simple pleasures. 

Every element in this image exudes joy and innocence, from the cheerful sunflowers to the playful butterflies and smiling characters. It is like painting a snapshot of pure happiness with acrylic paint!

The Happy Scene allows you to express your happiness and optimism through art. It is a beautiful way to boost your mood, unleash your creativity, and learn valuable painting techniques as you move along. 

14. Japanese flower garden

Japanese flower garden

The Japanese flower garden is one of the more challenging scenes on this list. Yet, this paint-by-number kit is still an excellent option for beginners. The image beautifully captures the serenity and grace of a beautiful flowerbed and shrubbery with vibrant blooms and delicate foliage.

Japanese gardens are renowned for their harmonious balance and calming atmosphere. The painting immerses you in that serene ambiance. The elegant cherry blossoms and the lush greenery give you a sense of peace and artistic fulfillment as you bring this enchanting scene to life.

Painting this portrait with acrylic paints is an incredibly relaxing experience as it takes you closer to nature and instantly improves your mood.

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15. Seaside girl

Seaside girl

Another mesmerizing addition to our best paint-by-number kits list, the seaside girl has a calm elegance that is irresistible. It exudes a sense of tranquility and relaxation. The calming blue hues of the sea to the warm tones of the sand give a sense of peace and joy.

This paint-by-number kit allows you to channel your inner storyteller as a beginner. Just imagine the adventures and dreams of the girl by the shore and let yourself wander. It is a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity flow and learn about brushwork and blending in the process.

16. Hummingbird kiss flower

Hummingbird kiss flower

It is our favorite paint-by-numbers kit for beginners. The finished painting beautifully captures the grace and vibrancy of a hummingbird kissing a flower. The bird's iridescent feathers and the flower's intricate details make this scene one of the best nature scenes on this list.

The painting allows you to hone your color blending and brush stroke skills. What's more, the paint-by-numbers kit also looks great in a DIY frame.

17. The wolf

The wolf

One of the more intricate paintings on this list, the wolf captures the rawness and aggression of the animal to perfection. You will be astonished at what a few shades of white, blue, and black can create on your canvas.

The paint-by-numbers kit also makes you use different brushing patterns and blending techniques, which is excellent for a beginner. The level of detail in this painting makes it stand out, and you will love to display it proudly.

18. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji

If you are a newbie and want to try something simple yet majestic, start with the Mount Fuji paint-by-numbers kit from PaintYourNumbers. 

The fantastic scene portrays the imposing mountain in the back with some trees and greenery on the sides of the river flowing through the middle.

The piece uses red, pink, and white hues, making it a more straightforward painting. Experiment with blending and different brush techniques with this painting to create your own masterpiece.

19. The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough

Who hasn’t seen this captivating beauty by the master? Won’t it be great to replicate it with your paint-by-numbers kits? Well, you can do just that with this painting. You can capture the immortal beauty of this masterpiece in your unique style with this canvas.

With our carefully created numbered canvas, you can recreate this beautiful piece one brush stroke at a time. Although it might look like a complicated piece, trust us, it is as beginner-friendly as possible.

If you want to create a beautiful painting on your first attempt using paint-by-numbers kits, you can’t go wrong with this one.

20. Colorful autumn trees

Colorful autumn trees

Autumn is the season of change, and the fiery red leaves and foliage are everywhere during this season. Immerse yourself in this beauty with fiery red and radiating orange hues. 

The vibrant autumn foliage in the paint-by-numbers kit offers a rich color palette, allowing beginners to explore and experiment with different tints and tones. In addition, the trees' intricate details and the warm tones variation allow beginners to practice brushwork and blending techniques.

The composition of the painting is well-balanced, with the trees placed against a serene background, which adds depth and creates a sense of perspective. 

In addition, the composition makes it easier for beginners to understand the principles of foreground and background and the placement and scale of objects within a landscape.

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21. Paint-by-numbers custom photo

Paint-by-numbers custom photo

We have you covered if you want a more personal photo to start your paint-by-numbers journey. With PaintYourNumbers by your side, you can convert almost any picture into a custom canvas you can paint.

To create your own paint-by-number kit, simply upload a photo or image of your choice to our website. We will then process the image and create a customized canvas with numbered sections corresponding to different colors.

You can go with our standard 24-color high-quality paints if you are a beginner. We also offer 36 or 48 color options for a more detailed look.

Start your paint-by-numbers journey today!

If you want to channel your artistic abilities but have little to no experience, paint-by-number kits are the way to go. These number kits will help you create beautiful artwork and develop your painting skills at the same time.

However, you should be careful when choosing the right paint kits to start painting. You want to pick a simple beginner's paint kit that offers an opportunity for you to learn the basics. We would suggest considering your preferences, artistic goals, and the level of challenge you seek before making your choice.

Please visit PaintYourNumbers to choose a paint-by-numbers canvas from our curated collection, or create your own today!