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Gifts for Couples: What to Get a Couple Who Has Everything?

Do your friends have a big anniversary coming up, or are you planning on doing a joint couples gift for an upcoming holiday but just don’t know what to get? Some couples seem to have everything imaginable, and as long as they have each other, they do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t present your loved ones with a nice gift here and there. 

Paint Your Numbers understands the pressure friends and family are under when picking out the perfect gift. We want to help ease the stress, so we’ve gone ahead and mustard-up a list, chock-full of go-to’s when it comes to gifting to a couple that already has everything and how to get out of gift-giving pressure you may be feeling.

The Gift of Activities

Gifts that involve a fun activity they can enjoy together are always your best bet, not to mention the money these lessons will save them in the future.

Joint Massage Gift Certificate 

If they already have everything, then gifting an experience is your best bet. Gift the happy joint couples massages so they can enjoy each other company in the best way possible—relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Cooking Classes 

Some couples are already gifted in the kitchens, and others—not so much. Do your friends constantly complaining about eating out too much, or just don’t have the motivation to cook at home? Well, we’ve got the solution!

Gift them a cooking class to jump-start their motivation and up knowledge of basic culinary skills. Plus, you can benefit too—after their class is complete, you can make them have you over for a homecooked meal.

Airbnb Gift Card 

Do you know a couple that is constantly traveling? Then an Airbnb gift card is a great idea. They’ll put it to use sooner or later, and it can give them an excuse to enjoy another getaway together (discounted, of course). 

Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank 

Gift giving (especially during the holiday season) can get expensive! We understand that and realize not everyone has the budget to gift $200 blenders, not to mention—everyone knows the price tag has nothing to do with how much they’ll love what you got them. 

 Here’s some gift that will leave a smile on the happy couple’s face without leaving a hold in your pocket. 

Paint Your Numbers Kit 

A Paint Your Numbers Kit is fun and affordable, as well as super sweet and sentimental. You can either send in a group photo you all cherish or just a picture of the two love birds.

Whichever you decide, we can’t promise a tear or two won’t shed after they open this gift.

Board Games For Game-Night 

This is great for the couple that loves to host game-night at their house. Gift them some new board games (or card games) you can all enjoy together. 

For The Couple That Loves Movie Night 

Some couples enjoy fancy dining, and others prefer snuggling up to watch Netflix for their date nights. If that’s the case for the lucky couple you’re shopping for, then consider gifting them a few fuzzy items to keep them extra warm. 

A fluffy or weighted blanket or a cozy PJ set with fuzzy socks to match.

New Blender For The Healthy Couple 

We all have the one couple in the friend group that is annoyingly way healthier than the rest of us. If that’s you, then yay! But if not, it’s a good idea to gift the other couple something they’ll get a lot of use out of. 

A new high-quality blender is the perfect gift, considering they probably enjoy their favorite kale smoothies daily. Plus, something about having a new appliance in the kitchen brings new joy to the day. 

Workout Gear For The Fit Couple

Thanks to the pandemic, even the way that we work out has changed. This has resulted in many people relying on their home gyms. If you know a couple working on growing their home gym, consider gifting some workout gear to help kick-start the garages revamp.

Monthly Subscription Boxes 

The gift that keeps on giving—monthly subscription boxes. These are especially great if you feel like your friends already have it all because it’ll be another thing to add to their collection of items each month. 

Nowadays, you can get pretty much anything in the form of a subscription box, so make sure it’s personal to their likes, interest, or hobbies. Follow that rule, and anything you get them will leave a smile on their faces (monthly!)

For The Couple That Are Parents Too 

It’s true what they say, after you have kids, they become your whole world. If you have a couple that also doubles as super parents, then a baby keepsake box is perfect for them.

For The Coffee-Addicts 

Everyone’s got their guilty pleasure, and for many, it’s coffee. If you know a couple that is constantly late because they were in the Starbucks drive-thru, then we’ve got the gifts for them.

Espresso Machine 

Starbucks on daily can get expensive! Help save your favorite couple some money by gifting them an espresso machine so they can make all their favorite drinks at home. 

Consider pairing this gift with a year’s supply of espresso pods and all their favorite syrups and other add-ins. 

Personalized Coffee Mugs 

If they’re coffee-lovers, then chances are they have a love for cute coffee mugs too. 

If you’re shopping for an anniversary present, consider getting personalized coffee mugs for the two of them, complete with their initials and their anniversary date. 

If they’re into the more quirky mugs, find ones that are relatable to their humor. Who doesn’t want a good chuckle while sipping their morning cup o’ joe? 

Coffee-Shop Gift Card

Sometimes people just enjoy getting their coffee out, whether they have a fancy espresso machine at home or not. If you know a couple like this, then gift them both gift cards to their favorite coffee shops. 

Plus, this can give them the excuse to go on a romantic coffee-date together. 

For The Couple That Loves To Cook 

Some couples like to enjoy dinner out, and other like to spend it at home cooking together. If the couple you’re shopping for is the ladder, then here are some things they’d love in their kitchen. 

All chefs love new pots and pans, and all chefs in love go crazy over adorable personalized kitchen gear. Gift the love birds a new cutting board that is specially engraved or special spoons they can enjoy their hard work with.

In Conclusion 

One of the best parts about gift-giving is the warm feeling you feel when you see a loved one’s face light-up from something you pick out special for them. Yes, gifting can be stressful and extra tricky when trying to find one thing two people are going to love, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it—because no matter what you get them, we’re sure you’ll see that big smile you were shooting for.

And when it comes down to it, a personalized gift is always a great bet, like a kit from Paint Your Numbers. Letting the couple paint their own photos is an awesome activity, and it’ll become a piece of home decor. 


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