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Gifts for Newlyweds: What are the best gifts and how to choose?

Love is in the air; you’re shopping for newlyweds! There’s something so sweet when it comes to a happy couple that just tied the knot, and we’re sure all you want to do is make their special moment even better by gifting them the perfect congratulations present. 

However, it can become tricky when it comes to knowing what to get and how to choose the right gift for this specific couple. Everyone needs help to get their creative gift-giving juices flowing—so, let’s get to finding the perfect gift for the perfect couple. 

How to Choose 

Anyone can go online and find heaps of articles listing off fun and unique gift ideas, but the trick is knowing how to choose the right ones.

Paint Your Numbers knows how important the sentimental aspect of gift-giving is; that’s why when choosing a gift for someone special in your life, you need to pay close attention relationship you guys share. However, when it comes to newlyweds, it’s all about their relationship. Your job is to give the gift that will keep them remembering how much they love each other. 

Ask Yourself What They Need 

Post-wedding times can be hectic, so anything that will ease their stress is a great option. Ask yourself what they’ll need to make their new adventure start as smoothly as possible. 

Lists Are Your Friend

The best way to organize any thoughts is by jotting them down. Make a list of things that might help inspire you to find the perfect gift. 

Think About The Past 

Look back at your past relationship with the bride and groom — this a great way to find sweet memories that you can turn into sentimental gifts. 

Consider Their Interests 

Write down everything the pair are passionate about, whether it’s the great outdoors, cooking, working out, or painting. Keep their hobbies in mind when you start your shopping. 

Include A Little Of Yourself 

Of course, you’re shopping for them, but it’s key to remember to include a piece of yourself in any gift you give.

You can do this by making something with your own two hands. Take a knitting class and gift a homemade afghan personalized with their wedding date and new last names, or make the card by hand to show just how much you love them.

Don’t Forget Humor

The best gifts are the ones that make people laugh. When choosing what to get them to, keep your guys sense of humor in mind. Sometimes weddings are taken too seriously; lighten up the mood by gifting something that’ll cause a chuckle or two. 

The Best Gifts

Now that you’ve taken a crash-course on how to choose the perfect gift. Let’s start to bounce some ideas around in hopes that something clicks. 

1. Personalized Wedding Invite Keepsake

Wedding invitations are a big deal, and most people keep them for years post-wedding as a sweet keepsake. But it’s hard to keep track of a small piece of paper, and it doesn’t look the nicest pinned to the wall. 

Gift them a personalized wooden wedding invite keepsake to help them remember their special day. It can be the new focal point of their new home’s decor. 

2. A Gift To Enjoy On Their Honeymoon 

Whether they are vacationing in the Bahamas or taking a ski trip to Aspen, gift them something they can both enjoy on their honeymoon. 

3. Custom Adress Stamp 

The newlyweds now share an address and last name. Gift them an adorable address stamp they can use for years to come. Plus, you’ll get to see your gift in action when you receive the thank you cards in a few weeks.

4. Fondue Set 

What’s more romantic than an at-home fondue night? Pretty much everyone loves cheese and chocolate, so you can never go wrong with a fondue set.

A gift like this is perfect if your giftees are big party hosts. There’s nothing more fun than showing off your cool gadgets to your house-guests. 

5. Mr and Mrs Personalized Wine Bottle

Help them ward off the post-wedding lows by sending a celebratory bottle of wine for when after the party has left. You can even get one that offers a personalized label to make it extra special. And we’re sure they’ll keep that bottle in a wedding keepsake forever. 

6. Photo Album 

Nowadays, the importance of photo albums is often over-looked. After all the wedding photos are posted to Facebook, they’re just left there to float around the internet. 

Make sure the happy couple has a way to hold these memorable photos physically. Get a photo album of their wedding professionally made. 

7. Constellation Map

The stars were aligned the night the new couple said, “I do,” so why not get a snapshot of the sky that very night? Constellation maps are super customizable and incredibly sentimental. 

8. Personalized Memory Box 

Memory boxes are like a time capsule that never gets buried. The newlyweds can fill it with ticket stubs, plane tickets, memorable photos, and tons of other sentimental items. 

9. Polaroid Camera 

Polaroids have been back in style the past few years, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We believe there is nothing better than being able to hold a picture in your hands. 

Gift the newlyweds a polaroid they can take on all their married-people adventures.

10. Paint Your Numbers Kit 

As we said, we love the idea of holding a picture in your own hands. That’s why a Paint Your Numbers Kit is an excellent gift for the two lovebirds. Not only is it an activity they can enjoy together, but the finished product will double as an adorable sentimental decoration. 

11. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker 

Waffles just taste better when they’re in the shape of a heart, so why not put a fun twist to a more traditional wedding gift?

It’s not a bad thing to take a traditional route for gift-giving. There is a reason that a waffle maker is on almost every registry—everyone loves homemade waffles on a Sunday morning. 

12. Bar Cart 

Bar carts are the ultimate gift because they double as an entertaining piece and as a slick piece of decor. 

You’ll want to stock the cart, too (as much as your wallet allows). What you stock it with is entirely up to the taste of your giftee. If they’re wine lovers, then stock it with the finest Merlots and Pinot Grigios you can get your hands on. If they love cocktails, get them the fixings for their favorites. 

In Conclusion

You now know exactly how to choose the perfect gift, and even a few ideas to consider once you start your shopping. Not only can gifting be stressful and nerve-racking, but it can also get expensive too. The last thing you want to do is get wrapped up in the price of your present. The amount it costs has nothing to do with the impact it has on your giftee; it’s all about the thought put into it.

That’s why the team here at Paint Your Numbers has put together a list of tons of fun, sentimental, and useful presents that you can gift to the newlyweds


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