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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, people around the country struggle with what to give her, no matter their age. You want to get Mom something she loves and something that shows her you appreciate all the work it took to raise you. You want to get a gift that’s as wonderful as she is. A simple candle or box of chocolate just won’t do for the best Mom in the world.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Everybody struggles with selecting the perfect gift to show their mother how much she means to them. Many people are feeling extra pressure this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 78% of consumers say celebrating Mother’s Day is more important this year than ever. Showing Mom appreciation during these tough times is super important, especially when many won’t be able to celebrate with their families in person.

We’ve gathered some amazing gift ideas that will help you make your mom feel special this May. No matter what your mother’s interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, you’ll find something here that’s sure to make her smile. 

Paint Your Numbers Kit

Here at Paint Your Numbers, we offer fully customizable paint by numbers kits that turn your personal photographs into painted works of art. Our kits come fully equipped with everything you need, from the canvas to the paint. The best part is that no skill is required; paint by numbers kits are easy to follow and relaxing to complete.

Paint Your Numbers kits make the perfect family gift because they’re sentimental, fun, relaxing, and make a great keepsake. It’s a wonderful activity to do with Mom, or you can complete it beforehand to give her a beautiful handmade portrait that depicts a family photo or a beloved memory. 

A Dinner Out 

Treating Mom to a nice dinner out on the town is a wonderful idea this Mother’s Day, and it allows you to spend quality time with her over some delicious food. With warmer weather approaching, a variety of safe, outdoor dining options will be opening back up. Pick your mom’s favorite restaurant, or one she’s been dying to try, and make a reservation for the family.

According to a 2020 survey, being treated to a nice dinner is the gift most Moms hoped to receive, as indicated by 35% of those surveyed. It allows her to spend quality time with her family without the pressure of having to cook or clean for anyone. Plus, it’s always nice to support a local business. Flowers are temporary, but the memory of your night out will last forever. 

A Spa Day 

It’s no secret that mothers work hard and often forget to pamper themselves. Give your mom the gift of rest and relaxation with a day at the spa. Book her in for a facial, a massage, a mani-pedi, or any other specialty service your local spa offers. If you’re willing, you can even make a day of it and go with her. That way, you’re also giving the gift of quality time.

If a spa day is a little out of your price range, recreate the spa experience at home. Rub her feet, make her a homemade face mask, and paint her nails while playing relaxing spa music. Give her time to unwind, and release the stress of her daily life. Plus, it’s a ton of fun. 

Homemade Extracts 

If your mom loves to bake, making homemade extracts, such as vanilla extract, is a wonderful idea. It’s easier and cheaper than you think and tastes way better than the store-bought stuff. It’ll add a homemade touch to any baked good, and she’ll think of you every time she uses it. 

To make homemade vanilla extract, you only need two ingredients: high-proof vodka and vanilla beans. You’ll also need a dark-colored glass bottle for storing. Begin by slicing your vanilla bean pods lengthwise to expose the beans inside. Then place them in your bottle, and fill them with vodka. You’ll need about 5-6 beans per cup of vodka. Then, just wait! Your vanilla extract will be ready in as little as eight weeks, but the longer it ages, the better. You can also do this with citrus peel, almonds, coconut, mint, or cinnamon.

Customized Charm Bracelet 

Giving jewelry is great, but giving a customized, sentimental piece of jewelry is even better. It’s an accessory she can wear every day that will remind her of you and how much you love and appreciate her. Charm bracelets are easily accessible at most jewelry stores, and you can find tons of unique charms anywhere online.

To begin, start with charms that have your or your sibling’s initials. Then, let your Mom’s personality guide you. If she’s always wanted to visit Paris, get an Eiffel Tower Charm. If she loves to bird watch, an adorable bird charm. The possibilities are endless!

A Photo Album 

Printing photos is something many of us forget to do, and many of our memories remain trapped in our smartphones. Taking the time to print family photos and put them in an album for Mom is sure to tug at her heartstrings. Plus, you can add captions, stickers, and other decorations to add an extra personal touch.

The photo album can follow a theme, commemorate a trip or event, or it can simply contain beloved family photos from over the years. Mom is sure to love looking through old photos and memories, and she’ll appreciate the time you spent on a custom, handmade gift.

Plaster Hand Mold

This is a great craft to get little kids involved in, so if she’s a newer Mom, or she has grandkids, plaster handprints are a super fun idea. They’re easy to make and are a great keepsake. Little ones grow up so fast, so Mom or Grandma is sure to love looking back on this craft and remembering when they were small.

For this craft, you’ll need plaster of paris (available at any craft store), water, a disposable mixing container, something to stir with, and a disposable aluminum pie tin. To begin, mix your plaster and water in the mixing container according to instructions. Then, dampen aluminum pie tin slightly with water (this will make the removal process easier). Now, pour your plaster in, and allow it to set for about 10 minutes. 

Once the plaster has stiffened slightly, have your child press their hand in firmly. Allow the plaster to dry completely, then remove. For an added touch, decorate with paint, or write the child’s name and the date on the front.

Family Recipe Box

If Mom likes to cook, or your family likes to eat, a family recipe box is a present she’s sure to treasure. Simply pick up a decorative box from the craft store and handwrite some of your favorite family recipes on index cards. Whether the recipes were passed down through generations, or you snagged it from an online blog, this family recipe box is sure to conjure up happy memories, as well as cooking inspiration.


Shopping for Mother’s Day can be challenging. How do you give a gift that expresses your adoration for the most important woman in your life? When in doubt, go for something heartfelt. Your mom is sure to love any gift you put some time and thought into because it came from you.

To shop custom Paint Your Numbers kits, or for more artistic inspiration, visit us online here.


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