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16 Personalized Office Gifts Anyone Will Love

Have an office party coming up, or a friend or family member that just started a new job? Well, we’re sure they need some new decor to spruce up the room (or cubical). The average American spends at least 34 hours a week at their job, so their office space should be cozy and comfortable, right? 

Work can be stressful; their office should be a place of peace and relaxation—away from the rest of the hectic office, whether it’s some new wall art or a brand new espresso maker. Here at Paint Your Numbers, we believe the more personalized, the better! Work isn’t always the most fun, but if you can bring them some joy from a small gift, then why not?

1. Photos

This, of course, depends on who you’re shopping for, but if it’s a family member, then sentimental family photos are the way to go. What better way to make a new space feel like home than bringing home to the space?

Consider printing pictures that are important milestones in both of your lives—graduation, an important sports event, or a memorable family vacation. Everyone loves seeing reminders of great memories. 

Tip: Don’t rule this idea out if you’re shopping for a friend either; everyone wants fun photos hung in their office; it doesn’t have to be just for family members.

For Your Dad 

Dads can be the most complicated people to shop for, especially when it comes to an office gift. Maybe you want to give them something a bit more thought-out than another photo in a picture frame—if so, we’ve got you covered.

2. A Bobble-Head

There is nothing better than a gift with some humor. If you want to give your dad a chuckle every time he sees your gift sitting on his desk, then consider getting a custom bobble-head of his head. 

We’re sure he’ll get a kick out of it, plus—It doesn’t get much more personal than that!

3. Personalized Business Card Holder 

If your dad isn’t much of a jokester, maybe a more practical gift would be a better option. A personalized business card holder is such a thoughtful gift, not to mention it’s a great decoration piece to add to his collection.

4. New Filing Cabinet 

If your dad is like most, he probably struggles to keep everything tidy and organized. Just us, we get it—it happens to the best of us. 

Gift your dad a present that he’ll get daily use out of, a new filing cabinet, or some kind of filing system. This way, he can stay organized without that basic ugly grey one everyone else has. 

5. A Fancy Pen 

If your dad has meant to treat himself to that brand new fancy pen he’s been eyeing, then go ahead and pull the trigger for him. Gift him that pen he’s been dying to get. 

For Your Mom

It can be nerve-racking shopping for your mom, considering we’re sure you feel like she deserves the world (and then some). Well, lucky for you, we’ve got the best and more personalized gifts we’re sure she’ll love. 

6. Personalized Planner

Moms are busy people. Help them stay on top of things by gifting a personalized planner. We aren’t sure about you, but purchasing a new planner always gives us an extra burst of motivation. 

Also, if it’s specially engraved or personalized, that’s another reason for them to fall in love with it. Think of something personal to your relationship that will pull on the heartstrings.

7. Personalized Keepsake Plaque 

Most office gifts consist of random knickknacks that will just take up space on the giftee’s desk instead of making that knickknack into something more. Consider gifting your dearest mother a keepsake plaque with a special message on it. 

8. Poncho For The Cold Office 

Offices are notorious for being especially cold. Make sure your mom is staging extra cozy by gifting her a warm poncho to throw on while she’s working at her desk. 

9. Travel Mug 

Everyone’s mom needs a little help getting through the day, which is why a travel mug for coffee is the perfect gift. 

10. Paint Your Numbers 

Stay sentimental when purchasing gifts, especially when it comes to your mom (or dad). A Paint Your Numbers Kit is the definition of sentimental and unique. Not to mention easy, just send in your picture, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

For A Best Friend

Your best friend just started a new job, or maybe just got offered a promotion? That means it’s time for you to get them a worthwhile gift. 

11. New Decor 

Moving up an office space or to a new job can be nerve-racking and scary; that’s why some new homey decor is the perfect gift for your bestie. 

It can be some cozy blankets, candles, or a corner chair where they can relax on their downtime. 

12. Desk Fountain 

Desk fountains are soothing decorations, not to mention they bring a whole new element to the room. It helps with relaxation and focus. These are especially good if your friend gets easily stressed or overwhelmed. 

For The Coffee Lover 

We all have our ways to get through the day, and for a lot of people, that’s coffee. 

13. New Keurig

Every coffee has coffee, but it’s usually burnt, bland, and watered down. Don’t let your loved ones suffer through office coffee—gift them a brand new office Keurig.

14. Espresso Maker 

Some people are particular about their caffeine, and they stick to espresso over drip coffee or Americanos. But it can get expensive going to Starbucks or local coffee shops every day for a flat white or latte. 

Help your friend save some money and gift them an espresso maker complete with syrups and special ingredients—this way, they can enjoy their caffeine without breaking the bank. 

For Your Favorite Co-Worker 

We all have our favorite co-workers, and sometimes we want to show them a little extra appreciation. Maybe they helped you with a project in a pitch, or perhaps you’re feeling generous out of the blue. 

15. Gift Card 

If so, consider purchasing them something to show how much you care. Maybe a gift card to their favorite store, restaurant, or coffee shop. 

16. Office Supplies

Sometimes gift cards can feel impersonal. If you’re worried that they’ll get that impression, then take a look around next time you’re in their office and see what supplies need refreshing. 

From there, put together a lovely care package to save them a shopping trip.

In Conclusion 

No matter the gift you decide to get your loved one, we’re sure they’ll be over the moon about it. As long as you put some thought into the relationship you share and what will be most beneficial to them, you can’t go wrong. Gifting-giving can be stressful, but don’t let it wear you out. The last thing you want to do is over-think it. Gift from the heart, and we’re sure they’ll love it.  


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